Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Millenial Discussions: Change and Acceptance

Horror and I were discussing acceptance the other day as I rearranged the Workshop and Throne Room. Horror is a self proclaimed ass hole and is deffinately not "normal". Which I generally find to be a good thing.  Horror is by no means your standard white cis male, tho many have assumed as much anyway, which is how are convo began. Horror had been attacked on social media fo

Horror has recently been examining themselves and realizing that while he doesnt give a crap if you like him or not, his fuck you if you dont like me attittude has, in his opinion, drifted too close to the realm of uncaring asshole.

While horror is certainly not one lose sleep over someone liking them or not. He does aim to leave the world better than he left it. He does not want to harm others if it can be helped and this revalation has led him to examine the verbage he uses in general because while it may not bother him to be called certain things, cuz "fuck you whatever." He does recognize not everyone is as thick skinned.

This led to several discussions that we have had as of late, including people needimg ro toughen the fuck up, as well as people also needing to he more open and accepting of one another.

As with several of our court, we are very middle of the road, whats the evidence and logic suggest on the issue individuals. We dont choose 'teams' or 'sides' we listen to what is said and make a decision on the actual evidence. And in that vein we end up catching flak from multiple angles in any given debate.

On this matter there are a few things we think should be goals for most any person. Now someone will take offense to one or all of these... But read it through first. Also this is in regards to personal interactions. Not a commentary on protesting, or change that is needed elsewhere.

A. Toughen the fuck up. Youre gona have people who hate you for no legitamte reason, youre gona get called names. Why? Because some people suck, and giving them control over your happiness is what they want. Lashing out emotionally doesnt help you or the cause you support. Furthermore, name calling and insults do not further your cause even if they may temporarily relieve your frustration, and usually its exactly what the other person wanted.

B. Stop being so damned closed minded. Noone cares about how you were raised or how you think it aught to be. And you dont get to tell others how to live their lives. If you dont likes omething, dont do it. But dont think there is anything in this universe that grants you the right to put others down for being happy in a way other than you approve of.

C. Its not that fucking hard to respect someones request to be called by a certain pronoun. Its a word, it aint gonna hurt you, so quite being an asshole. (I say this yet people can barely use one anothers names right when you prefer your given name,to a common nickname, but it should be an active effort to use the persons preffered name and pronouns).

D. Change often doesnt happen overnight and many are actively trying to adjust decades worth of linguistic training. This is not an excuse for those who actively use words that are purely hurtful, cuz fuck them. This is about those he may say something as simple as excuse me, sir or thank you miss. They are clearly not trying to attack you, stop trying to crucify people for an assumption. Politely correct the mistake and move on. If they persist in ignoring your correction, then feel free to blast them for the asshole they are.

Their is a great deal that needs to change and progress into the future but as we are doing so. Stop being such assholes to one another for no reason. Those who deserve it will surely give you a reason so stop looking for it.

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Anonymous said...

Horror here! Spot on and a damned fine read sir (except for the typos). Keep up the good fight.