Sunday, June 9, 2013

Silas Avination Debut Show ... with Explosions

Going to a new venue is exciting but going to one in a whole new world is even more so and so began the Silas Scarborough debut in Avination on an invitation from zaphod Enoch!

Cat shot all the pictures and zaphod Enoch set up the stage in the Avination Welcome Area.  That backdrop is quite spectacular!  It's a very cool place to play as the sea is behind the stage and palm trees to either side of it.

If you're worrying about people coming to shows in Avination then don't!  These people were here when the show started and it only got better as it went along.

I know I said I would have a set list but I didn't (laughs).  I want to play the feel of a gig much more than I want to do a fixed sequence.  I knew I would start out hard, take it soft and then bring it back up again.  That meant I knew the first two tunes I would do but it would be going with the vibe after that.

The set started with "Necromancer" and this is not a black magic Necromancer as he doesn't conjure the spirits, he just likes to look at them.  That's not as superficial as it seems as I do believe in spirits and things that are Larger Than Us All.

That went straight into "On the Road with a Mouse and a Chicken" and that sounds superficial too but the mouse is what a computer tells you to do and the chicken is the wimp instinct that tells you to hide in a cave.  Listen to either one of them and you will never survive the road.  So they can ride but they're not allowed to drive.  This road has taken me all over the place and there were some huge bumps but it's damn sure better than sitting somewhere and watching "American Idol" on the television.

I was thinking all the time, keep it moving.  We don't want yak between the songs for this gig as I'm not just representing myself but also Cat's word.  She recommends her performers to others so it was crucial to me that her recommendation not fall flat.  Plus there was huge coolness last night as Brother Harold theBurrel was there and, sho 'nuff, one of the first things he said was, "Shut up and Play!"

After that it was time to soften it so "Am Morgen in Griechenland" followed and that's pretty much the same as "On a Grecian Morning."  There are no lyrics to the song so really I could call it out in Greek!  Next up was "Too Much or Not Enough" as, despite any pretensions at rock grandeur, this was the stand-out biggest of my Second Life 'hits' so make it happen.  But ... it's an old love song ... so that went into my newest one, "Das Hausboot Song," and of course it's for Cat.  The song is in German and I'm pretty sure the lyrics finally came across clearly enough last night to hear what they are!  Another reason for doing it was that many of the people at the show were German so singing in that language was a big deal to me.

That went on for a bit until I decided not to wait for the end of the show for some rat love and "I Love Rats" was rippin' good fun to play.  It was sounding good and feeling good and I knew people were having fun with it so off we went.

Thanks to Holger Lionheart for the guitar and the animations.  He gave both to me out of the goodness in his heart so that was another reason I wanted the set to rip, so he could see the instrument catch fire a little bit!

By this time there was quite a good fire started!

The measure of a gig is always whether people stay or go and more came as this one went along so it was a grand feeling throughout.  However, it might have been just a wee bit too much of a fire that I started.  Yah because near the end of the gig the whole sim crashed!

In seven years in Second Life I never managed to crash a sim so finally that dream comes true (laughs). This is part of why I was so tickled last night.  Everyone was very cool about the crash and zaphod said the Welcome Area is on a test sim so it didn't surprise him so much that it happened.  He is almost ready to open his Koeln stage for shows and that should work much better plus Cat and I are well on the way to building out the MusikCircus tent and stage for shows as well.  zaphod enjoyed the show and invited me back to play again so it was quite an excellent time last night.

Here's the after-party!

From left to right, Ichimomo Nakamura, zaphod Enoch, Cat Boucher, Silas Scarborough

Thanks again so much to Ichi and zaphod for having us.  It was a wonderful evening and both of us will be looking forward very much to doing it again.  I said that the week-ends are easiest as Cat usually doesn't schedule shows on Saturday or Sunday so there is only a small chance of a schedule conflict.  On with the show!

Danke schön!!!!

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