Saturday, June 22, 2013

Get Yer Voodoo at Cat's Art MusikCircus

Joaquin played the first show for Healing Friday but it looked like he might be the one needing healing if he fell off the ball on which he was rolling around the stage!

Nice outfit, Joaquin!

Joaquin Gustav went straight into some Latin songs and the gentle grace with which he plays is a big part of why his set has come to be known as Healing Friday.  Unfortunately, it couldn't do much to change the weather and storms kept Cat offline.  This is when the Guardian Clown stuff kicks into effect and I was most pleased to see that it worked as attendance was quite good.

Healing Friday is also Tango Time as healing doesn't mean sadness in any kind of way.  There's a lovely spirit Joaquin brings to his shows and that's what does the healing.  That spirit shows through extraordinary speed while he plays but it's also very delicate and gentle.

What set the show apart from Joaquin's others last night was he started singing about halfway through and did it quite a bit.  He said at the time that he loves singing and you can feel it.  Singing isn't something he does all the time but when the vibe is right he goes with it.  I think he had played a show before the one at Cat's Art MusikCircus and I know he had one after but there wasn't any trace of getting frantic about that in his singing.  As with his play, it is very gentle and brings great peace.

Joaquin was saddened that Cat couldn't be there but still he did "Sunshine of My Life" which he often dedicates to Cat and I.  Even with Cat unable to be in the MusikCircus, he still played to her spirit.  It's all part of the MusikCircus magic!

Voodoo Shilton came up to the stage after Joaquin to play his regular weekly set but there's nothing about what Voodoo does that one would call regular.  I mean that as a high compliment as regular may work for cows or dietary fibre but it doesn't do anything good for music!  (By the way, you don't need more fibre in your diet, you need less meat!)

Check out that hair, huh!  So, yah, lose the thought of being regular!

Voodoo went straight into some looper work and what he is doing there is coming to characterise the new-do Voodoo!  He is using as many instruments as he can find, singing as much as he can, and pushing his music out as far as it can go.  Even though he is a wizard guitarist and can play some incredibly complex stuff, I had been getting tired of it.  However, from the richness of the sound palette he employs and his willingness to experiment there is a liveness that wasn't there before and it's very, very good.

As to Voodoo's sound palette, he fired the peanut butter jar and is now using a goblet.  That may sound trivial but it's not at all when you consider every note in the song has as much value as any other, regardless of the source of it.  This is very much the philosophy of John Cage and it may seem grandiose that every sound is sacred but think of it, if you will.

Voodoo is also bringing a mandolin along with the guitar plus a bass, the goblet, an udu, and perhaps most dramatic of all his singing.  For some while I hadn't been all that conscious of his singing but this new Voodoo is bringing it right up-front and he is using his voice very much as an instrument rather than as a background harmony to augment his guitar playing.

A song that shows beautifully his singing is "Summertime" and of course the song has been covered a billion times but not the way Voodoo does it.  He adds a unique rhythm to it and also accompanies it with his udu which adds a quite other-worldly sound.  Most of all, he sings it in his own style and it will very much carry you away to the summer time and make it even richer if you are already there.

Voodoo has been calling me brother and I like that a lot as to me that's a sign of mutual respect between musicians.  It's the same reason that writing about him and the performances by him and others at the MusikCircus is not a job to me but rather it's sharing in the brotherhood.  It's not because I don't like writing about my own music which I obviously don't but rather it's something I can give to music more than swinging my axe.  Thank you, brother Voodoo!

Fortunately the storm in Germany blew over before Voodoo had played for too long so Cat got to hear most of Voodoo's set and everything was quite wonderful as I was feeling pretty good in my Guardian Clown stuff because there were lots of people there enjoying the show.  Everyone was very happy with the vibe and Cat's arrival made it perfect not just for me but for everyone there.

And of course we danced!

So there is one very beautiful lady with one very happy Guardian Clown and Voodoo playing on the stage behind us.

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