Friday, June 7, 2013

Laughs and Music at Cat's Art MusikCircus

If you could put Laralette Lane's laugh into a bottle, you could cure the common cold, malaria and probably any of the world's ills.  Lara came back to sing last night at Cat's Art MusikCircus and between songs she has a wonderful laugh.

Maybe you're thinking it doesn't look like she is laughing in the picture but, believe it, she laughs and it's charming to hear.  Mostly Laralette Lane sings cover songs while she accompanies herself on guitar and she has such a sweet voice that it doesn't even matter that they're covers.  What adds yet more color to her performance is that she sings in three languages and she sounds equally fluent in all of them, German, Dutch and English.

Kage Stratten was most appreciative of Lara's music and he sent me a picture:

While compliments from a hamster who looks like the Indiana Jones of the hamster world might not seem important, Kage was quite funny and was obviously very much enjoying Lara's show.  Kage was far from the only one and I was thinking, man, these people will run for their lives when I start ... and they did (laughs).  What was very cool about Lara is that she stayed and thank you for that, Lara!  Many performers will just bolt as soon as the next act starts but Lara not only didn't do that, she was there until the end of my set when she, Cat, and I could talk a bit.  She's a sweet and classy lady.

Side-note:  'hamster' became a code word for reefer many years back and it wasn't uncommon to hear, "Hey, got any hamster, man?"

You can hear Lara singing in some videos recorded a few years ago in Second Life and there is a YouTube Playlist on her Artist Profile on Cat's Art MusikCircus Web site.  You can also meet her and hear her at the upcoming Second Life London Jam as she is yet another Cat's MusikCircus artist who will be there.

And, finally, Cat and I got to dance!

Internet troubles have plagued us this week but last night everything was pretty much working so we actually got to see each other!

My set was right after Lara and I like playing the last one as it means I can play indefinitely.  I talked to Cat about the set afterward and I was highly critical of it but she said I was being too harsh on it.  Still there are things I very much need to improve and one of them is the delay between songs.  Part of that is because I'm immensely conflicted on doing songs I've done before.  I will be playing in Avination on Saturday night so I'm going to (gasp) make a set list for that one and pretty much stick to it.  I really don't like doing that but I'll try it as for sure it will make the set run smoother.

There's technical stuff that is bugging the living hell out of me.  I'll adjust the sound in-between gigs but it still doesn't sound right in the gig itself.  There's nothing for it on that other than twisting knobs as it's kind of like the spices in a recipe except there about twelve of them and all of them have multiple different 'flavors' within them.  Part of that problem is I really hate the Boss GT-100.  It was much easier to set up sounds on the Boss GT-10 but, alas, it broke beyond repair and time marched forward.  I really, really, really miss playing through amplifiers and I loathe using headphones but ... time marches forward (laughs).

I don't want to leave the impression that the set sucked as it didn't but there's a difference between playing the set and being 'on' and last night I was fookin' trying too hard.  Cat said it sounded good but I want to totally blow her away (laughs).

As with all of the performers at Cat's Art MusikCircus, I made an Artist Profile on Cat's Art MusikCircus Web site.  That will give you a better idea of what I do than anything I could possibly write.

Cat and I can't dance during my set so here's a picture of her from after it was over:

Cat thinks I'm flattering her when I tell her she's imaginative but you tell me!  I think her outfits are fantastic and who knows where she found this one!

Tonight will be Joaquin Gustav and Voodoo Shilton and both are phenomenal guitarists who don't play the same old thing you have heard a million times.  Both have tremendous ability and give wonderful performances at the MusikCircus every Friday.

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