Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Serendipity and the Art of Finding Angels - Updated

The main thing about finding angels is that you can't, they will find you, and that's how serendipity works.  If you expect it to happen, it won't.

As I considered how screwed I might be with the scooter and it's no-start problem, I checked out PayPal as an angel had surprised me in Second Life and I had cashed that out.  It probably wouldn't have fixed the problem but every bit helps.  When I got to PayPal, I discovered some angels had been there already.  I had no idea the Support the Search Donate button was doing anything but it works and some angels used it!

Thank you, Angels!  You are love in a world that sometimes seems to run woefully short of it.

The latest on the scooter is that I tried to kick-start it but no luck.  The kick start pedal is in a really awkward position and I couldn't turn it over either when straddling the scooter or standing to one side of it.  I'm quite sure the problem is the ignition switch as this has happened previously but it would magically fix itself if I took the key out and put it back in again.  That doesn't do anything now so it's got to go to the scooter doctor.  Getting it there will be an interesting trick as he's fifteen kilometers from here but there's a way, I just don't know what it is yet!


It's definitely the ignition switch.  If I fiddle with it enough then the scooter will start.  Therefore if I leave it alone until tomorrow I should be able to fiddle with it then and get it to the scooter doctor.

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