Thursday, June 27, 2013

T Minus Forty Eight Hours Until Departure from Greece

While this could all still blow up in my face, the plan is staying focused on departing Greece on Saturday morning.  There's all the more impetus behind it from the total failure of the Internet for another five or six hours yesterday.  Plus, every morning the dogs start commemorating, at about six or six-thirty, the loss of Ol' Yeller.  Greeks take history very seriously you see.

I will do the last show before departure tonight at the MusikCircus and it was great fun playing the one last night.  What was a great surprise was the Internet stayed stable long enough to do the show ... but then started crashing again after it.  I'm sure there's a technical explanation for that but, well, after so many times I don't care.

Here are some pictures of the show courtesy of Yevette:

So we know who this guy is and here's another one:

If I could play for Cat and dance with her at the same time, it would be perfect!

Here are Mel and Riana Magic dancing:

And Yevette Nishi looked like she was having a pretty good time too:

Kindaguitarded got there late but it was still cool to see him.  I don't have the link off-hand but he's got some pretty cool videos on YouTube and I believe he's due to play at the MusikCircus one of these days.

I hope I have his name right but you can skate that as everyone calls him Kinda.

Thanks to Yevette for the pics!

Right now the Internet is up and down again at fairly close intervals.  Whether it will be possible to do the show tonight is unknown.  What I do know is I hate living like this and I can't wait to get rolling.

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