Thursday, March 23, 2017

Britain Has Lost All Perspective on a Catastrophe

In trying to trump up their little car crash in Britain today, injuries to about a dozen people were described multiple times as catastrophic.

Oh, gee, how horrific.  How iconically horrific.

To review a real catastrophe, we turn our focus to Lockerbie, Scotland, not so many miles away where a Boeing 747 blew up at thirty-thousand feet from where it rained parts of the aircraft and parts of hundreds and hundreds of people over a wide area.

That's a fucking catastrophe.

So what if bad guys whack Parliament, Congress, or any of the worthless fucks who have done nothing since that time except chew their fingernails and make it all worse while worrying about no-one except themselves in their powdered Tory wigs.

Why should any of us give our lives to defend them when they do not do it for us ... ever.

The bad guys tried to whack the same Parliament which has been selling weapons to waste Yemen and they seriously think anyone on the planet will do anything but laugh in derision when Parliament will talk about human kindness?

Fuck 'em.

They're practically begging Brits to join the military and they won't.  That happened in U.S. as well but America figured, well, fuck it, we will just build drones and who needs people anyway.  We will get some knuckledraggers to drive the drones from Nevada and we will be able to run the world so long as we have a fully-charged set of batteries.

Just as with Washington in America, London stopped representing the people many years ago and they just can't understand why the people have no patience for them anymore.  London no more represents England than Washington represents America.  In both countries, that was stolen from the people under false pretenses but they have worn that so thin.

We can tolerate Republicans / Tories so long as they don't steal too much or kill too many people but they have thrown out all limits on both.


Anonymous said...

They didn't whack some government.
They whacked people walking the street including 3 school kids on holiday from France.
Your political diatribes are old and boring

Peas InOurThyme said...

How many kids were on that Lockerbie flight. Your rebuttal has no merit.

Anonymous said...

That right who cares about about 4+ lives. They just don't count as enough were not killed.
How many innocent lives must be killed before your attitude changes from "so what" the journos used the wrong word in your opinion.
My opinion of you lessens with each post as this. But my opinion is only important to me

Cadillac Man said...

I agree with Anonymous. It matters not if it is; one, ten, a hundred or thousands of lives lost or injured. It matters not the social, political and religious insanity in whose name these vile acts are done. This includes the Lockerbie flight and so many other incidents. Right now, it is only proper that we reach out with care, concern and sympathy for these recent innocent victims and their families, as each loss makes us the less. The sanctity of life is expressed well in a quote from a seventeenth century British poet, John Donne:
"Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee."

Peas InOurThyme said...

Fair enough but any argument isn't so much with the numbers but the wording. It's use of 'catastrophe' in both circumstances which makes no sense to me.

Loss of anyone is a major flaming bitch and it sucks for their families in London. The bell does toll for thee but Lockerbie was ringing so many bells it shook the ground. That was an international catastrophe.

All the reports of violent death in the world are leaving me inured to it and dismissive of most of it with what did you expect to happen. They heap dramatic words on any hurt while they continue bombing elsewhere and the circle keeps going around and around. For me it presents a cacophonous roar of utter madness.

Anonymous said...

This is the type of attack of the future not catastrophic but will happen more often

Anonymous said...

I understand your point of the journos grandstanding. But you swing the opposite by trivializing the.

Peas InOurThyme said...

That's really my point insofar as identifying everything a catastrophe really means none of them are. We hear about another horrific disaster every time we turn around so mostly the reaction is to stop turning around.

I do maintain the language and the delivery are making one hell of a mess out of situations which are difficult enough anyway. One of the biggest, in my view, is blowing past the fact it doesn't take any conspiracy for car attacks of this nature. All it takes is a freakshow with the car keys and he rolls as soon as his parakeet tells him the time is right. There's so much smoke everywhere.

Peas InOurThyme said...

I'm surprised as well and that more of these types of things haven't happened already although they seem to be increasing.