Monday, April 17, 2017

The Quartermaster Corps Struck Out in the Midwest

For the first time, Yevette came up with a request for some chow and I didn't have the supplies on hand.  The words came, "I've been just craving a grilled cheese sandwich."

Alas, I don't have the fixin's for one of those on hand so the Quartermaster Corps fails.  It's not a terrible failure but, when Yevette wants something to eat, I need it to be here.  It's not my only task for this but I like to make it seem that way.

The stove is out of commission for this and a microwave is just passable for grilled cheese so I was kind of lamenting the absence of a toaster oven ... but ... Yevette said there's one here.  I've never seen it but she said it's here somewhere so, ok, must find that.  You can still get that cheese to bubble up in a microwave but it won't get a nice bit of brown to it.

Ed:  well, aren't you Betty Crocker

Well, not exactly.  I don't cook; I do stir fry.

As to grilling a steak for you ... well, I've never done that.  I don't know how to get a steak to take some color on the outside and keep some pink inside.  If you want it still bloody inside then you're obviously a psychopath and I won't do it.  Rare is out.

Ed:  I thought all men could grill a steak?

Nah, since some men couldn't be bothered when the taste is just a one-trick pony.

Ed:  or a one-trick cow, as it were

Did you ever notice anyone who says 'as it were' will always rear back with a smug smile after saying it.  Are you fucking doing that, Ed??

When you're eating yer steak, it's going to taste the same at one end of it as it does at the other.  Now if you dive into some stir fry, you don't know for sure what you're going to get at the beginning, middle, or end and a cook who really knows his / her stuff will use the spices in such a way that the taste changes while you eat it.  To my taste, Indian stir fry is more interesting with its spices than Chinese generally.  Nah, steaks just aren't that interesting to me.

But some grilled cheese once in a while ... that gets the lips kinda puckerin', doesn't it.  Sure I know this plants the worm in you but Yevette planted it in me and I can't do anything about it until morning (larfs).

The trip is even getting a little cocky in the Rockhouse tonight since half of the tour is done and we know the other half may even suck worse but it's working; it's fucking working, mates.  I never expected a sign like that.

Ed:  on Easter

That doesn't go past me either, mate.  I won't get all metaphysical on you but it was remarkable nevertheless.

Ed:  in another rarity, the Western and Eastern celebration of Easter fell on the same day

Quite so and I remember the confusion when I was living it the other way around and Greece didn't celebrate Easter on the same day as in America.  It's got something to do with the Moon rising in the Seventh House and ... let the sun shine in.  You know that song, right?

The spray of emotion through this is something I never expected since some of it is like it must be when your kid is sick.  You have done everything you can possibly do and now the kid needs some sleep but the little crumbsnatcher isn't able to do it just now and you can hear the misery.  You already know how that rips up yer guts and you can't reveal any of that, can you (larfs).

I do laugh because I know you do it and willingly because, by God, I will find a way to get you well, ya li'l tyke.  I need you to last long enough to teach you some bad habits 'n shit.

That aspect I expected but I didn't think anything good would reveal and that's the basis for some measure of delirium.  This can't possibly be true while things suck so bad and yet it is true so that will get some cranial wheelspin for sure.

Note:  that's not a complaint but a marvel.


Anonymous said...

Do you have an electric fry pan?? You can get one pretty cheap at a thrift store, just be sure to plug it in before you buy it--they usually have an outlet where you can test appliances. I bought a very nice high end electric skillet for about $10. Life hacks on YouTube show ya how to make a grilled cheese with an electric iron...but I don't know if I would try that one even in a pinch! ML

Anonymous said...

P.S Maybe this is a better solution for the stove!! ML

Peas InOurThyme said...

Cool gadget and for the right price but the burners on the stove work. It's the oven part which has some troubles just now. Tactical also likes to be Mr Fixit as he campaigns hard to be The Boyfriend but I sure won't complain. Good luck to you, Tactical. He may be able to get it going again. The stove is one of those ancient gas ranges which are almost impossible to break but it needs some tinkering and Mr Fixit has been getting all over stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see he is doing all he can to help. I could seriously use a "Tactical" in my world.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Everyone could use Tactical around. It's an additional complication that he wants to be the bf and that may not be such a terrible thing for a woman. There are personal aspects we could get into on the telephone but that sort of thing isn't too cool online. That doesn't mean I want to trash him and I truly don't; it's just that things are always more complicated than they seem.