Thursday, June 22, 2017

News You Can Easily Lose 6/22

The title does not extend to say any news is necessarily worth keeping but these items represent the most rubbishy, arse-forward thinking of the lot.

Intel chiefs to testify Trump tried to collude with them about colluding with Russia while there's still not one scintilla of proof anyone colluded with anyone else ... except the Intel chiefs as they invented this fanciful malarkey.

All together, my brothers and sisters, as we demand a nuke war.  We paid for a nuke war; we were told we were going to get a nuke war;  where is that fucking nuke war?

Cadillac Man thinks they won't use the nukes even if America and Russia tangle but let's review, my brother, since when in your life do you ever recall an American flag officer doing anything intelligent about anything anywhere in the world.

As I say, we want that fucking nuke war.  We paid for it and we shall fucking have it.  We crave radiation, at least for the milliseconds it lasts.

Patricia Krenwinkel has been in jail for longer than anyone else in California and she's up for parole again.  Here's what she looks like now.

Land sakes, ain't she the livin' breathin' threat to humanity.

Ed:  what does land sakes mean?

No idea.  It's an American thang.

The GOP rolls out their Ultra Secret Health Plan today with King of the Amphibians, Mitch McConnell, to represent.  There's political suicide in it for Republicans and we don't even care anymore because we're fucked anyway and we're tired of the speeches to remind us we're fucked particularly when we have to hear them from a frog.

Nothin' at The Guardian since Jessica Valenti is still beating a drum for Bill Cosby and that bimbo couldn't find a chicken nugget in a KFC.  With blinders like hers, she could soar in the Senate.

We have not forgotten the important things such as fraud in dried lizard penises and you don't get this kind of news from Rachel Maddow.  Tip:  chuck her into Potomac as well since she's bloody useless.

This photograph released by the London-based group World Animal Protection shows Monitor Lizard genitalia discovered by researchers which are being sold as “Hatha Jodi” and available for purchase from major online retailers in the UK and USA. Wildlife investigators from India and Britain say they have uncovered an international fraud in which dried penises of endangered monitor lizards are being sold as a plant root regarded as a good luck charm and used in religious rituals. (Neil D’Cruze /World Animal Protection via AP)

ABC: Dried lizard penises from India sold as good luck charms

The beauty part is the buyers don't even want the dried lizard penis and instead want some kind of plant.  Imagine the health food shopper's surprise and delight on opening the package.

Confucius:  Mi Ling, Mi Ling, I am not sure but this is not plant; this might be lizard penis.

Mi Ling:  yes, that is lizard penis

Confucius:  how come you know a lizard penis so well?

In other important news, the Tellicherry Peppercorns and the cheap ass grinder should arrive tomorrow.  That's a definite Big Deal for the Rockhouse since I enjoy my pepper, see.  This isn't any indication of a nascent epicure ... I just like my pepper, see.

I wasn't sure but I see now SpaceX delayed the launch so unknown if that's a heartbreaker for Lotho but I would damn sure be bummed with the so near yet so far effect.  Commiserations if that's how it came down and I do empathize with missing it for the Heinlein of any launch.

To close it, we have the Department of I'm Damn Glad He's Not My Kid.

We don't know what he's doing.  We so completely don't fucking care what he's doing.

For today's mathematical exercise, how many of the yellow bottles do I have to remove before the entire structure collapses.

Imagine the glory


Cadillac Man said...

Russia and the US have much to lose from a nuclear war. There has now been over 72 years of posturing on both sides. Nuclear war can never be ruled out. However, its ability to utterly destroy, making both countries ultimate losers,has so far been a deterrent. Few Russians or Americans, civilian or military pine for nuclear war as you describe. I believe that sanity will continue to prevail. As for Patricia Krenwinkel, she admitted to and was convicted of the premeditated, brutal, murder of 7 innocent people. One of them, Sharon Tate, was 8 and a half months pregnant when Patricia Krenwinkel participated in her murder. She was originally sentenced to death. This was commuted to life when California's death sentence was overturned in the early 70's. I do oppose the death penalty. However, life in prison is entirely apt for a brutal murderess. As for her potential for reform, at a parole hearing she was asked who she thought she had harmed the most. Her answer, 'Me'.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Your trust in the capability of generals to reason logically is considerably higher than mine since the latter is based on the observation of the campaign to eliminate left-wing governments going back for decades. The only consistent thing I've ever observed from the post WWII Pentagon is willingness to kill for no good reason.

I understand the horror of the things Krenwinkel did but there's a horror story behind every thug on Death Row. This one has had the longest run of any of them so my question is in a relative sense of why is it appropriate for her and not others.

Well, there's not a horror story behind all of them because we know some of them are innocent judging by those who have been freed by DNA evidence exonerating them, etc. That goes beyond the point, tho.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Orange Carritos

Anonymous said...

And I am perfectly positioned for a 310 launch

Anonymous said...

She should stay right where she is
Her murders justify that. Or we could have executed her. None of her victims get a second chance

Anonymous said...

Launch was an amazing success

Anonymous said...

Launch was an amazing success

Peas InOurThyme said...

Grand news and is this the first one you have seen. I only managed one but it completely blew me away.

I understand your basis for keeping her in the lock-up but that's not in the relative sense since we see others released sooner for generally similar crimes.

Peas InOurThyme said...

OK, so how many of the orange bottles do we have to pull to collapse it then?? (larfs)