Saturday, July 1, 2017

When the Disease Doesn't Understand its Own Virulence #Sociology #Opinion

If you're aware you're carrying an infectious disease, it will be unpleasant but understandable when you are placed in quarantine.  However, when you can project disease onto someone else then it's acceptable to spread any of your own disease using any device which is accessible to you and so it goes with Stephen Colbert.

Speaking on his programme The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night, the comedian criticises Donald Trump for his tweets aimed at the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. Colbert says he was shocked by the president’s remarks via social media.

The Guardian:  Stephen Colbert: Trump isn’t a symptom, he’s the disease – video)

That simple and sanctimonious fucktard is shocked and yet he's the same one who called Trump a cock holster.  He also defends Mika and Joe, two low-caliber face people who get paid for drinking coffee while people watch.

Frankly, mates, it's not at all clear what defines shocking to Stephen Colbert but, to his tiny and myopic mind, it appears to be anything someone else does.

Ed:  are you going to go Dalai Lama with this?

No need since Stephen Colbert couldn't find the Dalai Lama even if he had a GPS and pitons for mountain climbing.

Ed:  you're thinking of finding Yeti!

I'm thinking of Stephen Colbert's idea of the Dalai Lama.

Yesterday I saved a Red Squirrel in Fort Worth and then wrote a poem about it.  People were doing cartwheels over it all day so I submit the Dalai Lama is right about finding happiness by practicing compassion.  (Ithaka:  "On the Art of Avoiding the Squashing of Squirrels" #Poetry)

The disease Stephen Colbert carries and actively promotes is the Centrist Defense League otherwise known as the last gasp of the Dizzycrats since Progressives have been abandoning the Democratic Party like it's a hellbound train ... which is exactly what it revealed itself to be and no-one showed that more explicitly than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The specific problem is the focus on Trump as the AntiChrist when the fact is when he's gone the GOP will just get another one and the wars never stop.  There's been almost no change in Syria from the way Obama was proceeding with it since his vague purpose was also to kill Assad.  Coincidentally, that's also the CIA's vague purpose.

Obama said the same things about Syria as Trump; he was just more glib about doing it.  Trump makes himself look like an idiot with every Tweet but Obama was much better at disguising it.  That doesn't mean he showed any better judgment than Trump; he just had better camouflage.

You can see how it worked out for Obama since he's been partying like he invented the Louisiana Duck Call (i.e. "Duck Dynasty") ever since he left office.  Suddenly he's a high roller and don't you love how that magic works for him.

Stephen Colbert is one of the best reasons in years to blow up your television particularly when his audience is largely Gen-X and old Boomer women.  You couldn't get more nowhere without a guided tour by Gene Simmons.

Ed:  Gene Simmons is as right wing as you get!

So are the Centrists.  They were never shy about chucking drone bombs and making up stories about Sarin gas but suddenly it's a shock when Trump does the same thing.  Tip:  there's no damn difference and there's no damn shame in any of them.

You couldn't find more determined Goldman Sachs gravysuckers anywhere else outside the GOP.  They're exactly the damn same.

The GOP is dangerous but Centrists who pretend they are not GOP are even more dangerous since they do the same things but cover it up with more syrup.

Ed:  I still need more reason to blow up my TV

OK ... but I only need two words:  Alec Baldwin.

Ed:  (ka-boom)  It's done.

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