Saturday, July 1, 2017

#Photography on the Blog 7/2 | We Want the Beautiful


Terrestrial Wildlife WinnerA termite mound in Emas National Park, Brazil, glows with the light produced by the larvae of click beetles

Photograph: Marcio Cabral

The larvae of click beetles don't sound so beautiful but they light up like fireflies.

Synchronized Sleepers:

Human/Nature FinalistFranco Banfi and his fellow divers were following this pod of sperm whales in the Caribbean Sea off the Commonwealth of Dominica, when they suddenly seemed to fall into a vertical slumber. First observed in 2008, scientists have found that these massive marine animals spend about 7 per cent of their time alseep

Photograph: Franco Banfi

They're asleep and all do it at once.

Pandas Gone Wild:

Human/nature WinnerAt the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center in China’s Wolong Reserve, captive-bred giant pandas have been raised with the hope of one day reintroducing them to the wild. To prevent young pandas from imprinting on and becoming attached to their human caregivers, the center’s staff wear costumes that mimic the animals’ characteristic black and white pattern

Photograph: Ami Vitale

This may seem some type of bad joke but check out why the person is the costume is doing it.

The More the Merrier:

Terrestrial Wildlife FinalistMacaque monkeys huddle together on Sh┼Źdoshima Island, Japan, pooling body heat as temperatures drop

Photograph: Alexandre Bonnefoy

They may not seem so beautiful to you but they're probably gorgeous to more macaque monkeys while the beauty part for us is they cuddle like this to stay warm.

Photographer unknown

We get it this looks like something else and, sure, that's most amusing but this thing is actually a scallop living at extreme depth under the Arctic Icecap in some of the coldest, most inhospitable waters of the world ... and yet life happens.

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