Friday, June 30, 2017

"On the Art of Avoiding the Squashing of Squirrels" #Poetry

The trouble with squashing squirrels;
they go flipshit when they're scared
They may try to run away
or they just run anywhere
They go forward and then go back
with no apparent clue
as to any kind of sensible thing
they really ought to do

Fear is the mind killer
as you heard the Sisters say
so it seems if something comes
you might run the other way
since turning back around
only sends you to the tar
where the only things you'll find
are the tires of my car

We know it with those squirrels
and we won't let them lead the way
since they in time may find a clue
but it won't likely be today
We will stop to watch them run around
until finally they go to a tree
somebody might just squash one this day
but it surely won't be me

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

Ed:  is this really about squirrels?

Just as surely as air is for blowing bubbles, mate.

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