Monday, July 10, 2017

The Only Thing Worse than a Clinton Family Christmas ... a Jersey Shore Reunion

Even better, let's both nightmares at once.

Jersey Shore is coming back to do, well, whatever they do.  (Vulture:  Gym. Tan. Nostalgia. There Might Just Be a Jersey Shore Reunion Headed Your Way)

Once again we can enjoy watching them doing what they do best:  sweating ... a lot ... notfornothin', you know.

Hillary Clinton is still trying to connive a gig in the White House.  (Observer:  Hillary Plots to Revive Clintonism in 2018 Elections)

Now I know you're feeling the joy joy of that one since it will be like binge-watching reruns of "Mister Ed the Talking Horse."

The Rockhouse isn't particularly concerned since she isn't gaining any followers and many of the ones she did have recognized her shallowness.  Without plotting and conniving, Hillary Clinton doesn't have an act.  The Rockhouse admires strong women but she's just a snake.

She had so much success with what she did to the DNC, after all.  (Observer:  The DNC Is Debt Ridden, Unpopular and Failing)

If that second-rate horror isn't destroying things, she doesn't know what to do with herself.

It gets even more ludicrous since Chelsea Clinton still seems to have hope of running for political office with the URG Party.  (RT:  Chelsea Clinton calls out Trump over defense of Ivanka’s G20 stand-in role)

Ed:  URG?

Unqualified Rich Girl party

Surely you have heard of them singing out, we URGE you to show the same contempt for the poor as we because, fuck it, who needs them.

Clinton's observation regarding Ivanka Trump went, "Ivanka is a fucking bitch and I hate her.  That was my fucking gig."

From this we observe, the URGs don't seem to like each other much so a cage fight could be amusing to discover if they possess any actual talent for anything.

The thoughts about gold dust women haven't improved over the years.

All of us picked up the pieces and went home as we saw what became of gold dust and those who live for it.  We will be happy with the pieces so long as they and their gold dust are not in them.

When the love is real, we recognize it immediately.

And, all together now, my brothers and sisters, we won't get fooled again.

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