Monday, July 10, 2017

News on a Nailhead 10:00 a.m. Cowboy Time on 7/10

Good news, chaps; genocide is legal.  (RT:  Court rules Britain’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia are 'lawful', despite destruction of Yemen)

The State Department is just as incompetent as when Clinton was running it.  (RT:  US State Dept bashes Moscow for not helping shelter in mythical town known as ‘Russian Atlantis’)

It looks like all the posturing was just another tax revolt and such irony.  (RT:   Paris wants US corporations to pay fair share of taxes in EU)

Not difficult to discern who in Washington is motivated by principle and who is motivated by graft.  (RT:  ‘Close to dumbest idea’: Republican senators lash out at Trump-Putin cybersecurity team plan)

Theresa May, that's the joke, see.  (RT:   May now wants Corbyn's Labour to help her govern Britain)

Same as Hillary Clinton asking liberals for help but all she gets is a life preserver in the ocean.  After that she's on her own.  Watch out for sharks, ducks.

Goodness in a generally positive vibe from Iran.  (RT:  US, Russia-brokered ceasefire will be ‘fruitful’ if expanded to whole of Syria – Iran)

There's a positive vibe from Lavrov as well.  (RT:  Russia to continue cooperation with US on de-escalation zones in Syria – Lavrov)

Coordinated cybersecurity is apparently on its way.  (RT:  Putin-Trump cybersecurity cooperation to take place, but will take time – Russia G20 sherpa)

Note:  I thought sherpas were from the tribe which helps people climb Mt Everest so wtf??

By Russian scale, this was an amusing exercise.  (RT:  Sea Breeze: US sends missile warships, Navy SEALs to massive war games off Ukraine coast)

Note:  remember any D-day movie and here's the pro tip: the Russians saw it too.

France may close a third of its nuclear energy sites.  (RT:  France could close a third of nuclear reactors: minister)

Note:  it amused me in Montelimar to see wind turbines right next to nuclear reactors for the impression of an energy program which consisted of let's try one of everything.

There was nothing much from The Guardian except the doleful sound of pundits and immersive journalists masturbating.

Ed:  that was tasteless!

Oh, you want tasteless?

Audience:  NO!

Listen to them, Ed; they know.

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