Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Justification is the Failure of Capitalism, Angela @YevetteN @ML #Peace

Barricades burn as protesters clash with riot police during the protests at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, July 7, 2017 

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RT:  No justification’: Merkel condemns G20 violence as protesters & police face-off in Hamburg (VIDEOS)

There is justification, Angela; you just don't understand the basis for it which differs somewhat from Theresa May and Donald Trump who don't give a fuck and only make it worse while MSM has no idea of anything and just roasts marshmallows while they call it some kind of dipshit Resistance.

A woman in America can't get health care because she can't afford the premiums for MEDICARE and she's one of many in that which is ostensibly the richest country in the world.  It's financially rich but spiritually poor and it has no concern regarding millions left behind and that's in this country alone.

The poor health care for the woman exacerbates the problem for those who know and love her since we can deal with anything else but we can't fix that.  We learned the hardest possible way of America's cruelty and indifference but we don't even care about such things anymore since the only matter is survival in spite of those realities.

We know America won't help but we're stuck here so the only question is how we can help each other when we know America won't.

There's been a great deal of protest in America about the indifference of the Capitalist Kings and Queens but it was far more dramatic and violent in the G20 protests and that isn't even a small taste of what's coming.  There's nothing in play anywhere which mitigates the situation for the poor so only pure fucking magic can prevent more of this.

The worse the Kings and Queens make it, the worse the violence is going to get and there's no fucking way they can kill us all.  Eventually those fat pigs will go down too and the hell of all of it is this could have been so much easier ... with only a relatively small measure of humanity and simple compassion.  If America really believed the religion it proclaims, the problems would have ended long ago.

For the filthy rich in America, we are nothing more than Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and we must be extirpated using any means necessary.  All those in the Occupied Territories are our brothers and sisters because they suffer the same fate and for the same reason with simple capitalism underlying all of it.

ML, this is for you since the safest place you can possibly be is the Rockhouse / Sanctuary because together we are always safer and stronger than we ever are alone.  I have no idea how long I will last but I also don't have any idea how long you will although I have a fairly good feeling about Yevette's longevity now.

There's the inevitable abandonment which comes with death but that's part of the agreement in love that we will endure that crushing pain when it comes because it's an even greater pain to live without the love.  We will not live without the love because you're worth it and, here, all of us are.

You're a light of inspiration in a world which has lost its way but your light is no dimmer; they have only made it more difficult to see.  It's a light they need to see since they have shown no ability to find it on their own.

One of the biggest reasons I have for staying alive is to whatever extent that keeps you alive, ML.  I'm really not sure how things go for you just now and it's the same agony in reverse.  That much at least we can take out of this if the three of us are living in the same place.  Even death we can handle if we're together because then we don't have to learn and deal with it over fucking email and chickenshit cellphones.

Although it may not seem it, there's more life despite the desperate circumstances than you will ever find in grandstanding hipsters who seek nothing more from life than amusement.  Here we are free from all of that and I couldn't possibly overstate the welcome you would receive on arriving here.

While the grandstanding hipsters will conspicuously consume, we will inconspicuously live since we have no interest in teaching when they have no interest in learning.

However, for this we can teach each other which is to reaffirm something you've known all along: togetherness is our greatest strength and I implore you to consider again coming down here.  Somehow we will find a way as you are not as alone as it may seem.  There's immediate help one hundred kilometers north (i.e. Columbus) and we of the Rockhouse will do absolutely anything.

All of us get by with a little help from our friends and that's true for everyone everywhere.

- with all the love in the Universe

Others may not know it but we do.  Come.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I have tears in my eyes now--happy tears. I love you both!

Peas InOurThyme said...

I love you too and Yevette would say it also but she's asleep.

Happy tears are the finest kind and it's the best of news to hear of them!