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You're Not Really Happening as a Civilization without a Temple of Skulls #Science #Archaeology

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An ancient tower of human skulls has been unearthed beneath Mexico City – a discovery that researchers say raises fresh questions about the culture of sacrifice in the Aztec empire.

Archaeologists unearthed the 676 skulls embedded in a tower near the site of the Templo Mayor, one of the main temples in Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital that would later become Mexico City.

RT:  Age of the Aztecs: Ancient tower of skulls found beneath Mexico City (PHOTOS)


The Rockhouse really doesn't have any fresh questions about the culture of sacrifice except to be damn glad we weren't Aztecs and even more glad we weren't one of the other tribes they raided to get sacrifices.

We're diggin' that Temple of Skulls, tho.

There's some disappointment since the Temple of Skulls only had about seven hundred skulls while the Aztecs were said to have sacrificed as many as fifty thousand in a single day.  Even if you don't admire what they did, perhaps you can admire the scope of it.

Ed:  you mock the Holocaust!

Like hell I do.  The Aztec sacrifices showed a horrifying form of human tribalism which was not unique to them; they were just really good at it.  The systematic genocide by the NAZIs against Jews and others wasn't at all the same thing since that was non-tribal religious persecution and none of the tribal dynamics were involved insofar as no land was acquired and no threat was diminished.  It wasn't much more than a camouflaged theft with horrendous loss of life to cover it up.  You could stretch the general idea of tribalism to wrap it around NAZIs but the case would be leaking from every seam.

Ed:  you want to wind up in a Temple of Skulls?

That would be kind of cool for scaring the shit out of Indiana Jones' girlfriend but we would much rather have a Temple of Skulls than be in one.  When this Temple of Skulls was first made, it wasn't way underground; it was out in front where people could see all those groovy skulls.  Maybe at night they had burning torches around the temple so you absolutely know ... do NOT fuck with these people.

America tries to scare other tribes that way now but they only do it by putting some fat guy on TV who talks shit about, "We will bury you."

We heard that same flaccid crap from Khrushchev fifty years ago.

However, if you've got a Temple of Skulls, we can use modern-day effects, lasers, and a cool soundtrack with hip hop music.

Ed:  skull music?


Ed:  where will you get the skulls?

Easy since we won't even have to outsource the problem.  We will clone Robert E. Lee since, by percentage, no-one has ever taken more American skulls than he.  There was all kinds of tribalism happening in the Civil War and they're itching to take skulls again even today.  There's definitely no problem at all in finding the skulls.

Ed:  but what we need is the music?


Michael Jackson could have written it since you saw what he did with a few zombies in "Thriller" so just imagine what he could do with a Temple of Skulls.

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