Saturday, July 8, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/9

It turns out Norway's Penis Rock, a popular tourist attraction, wasn't down forever; it was just needing a little time.  (New York Post:  Penis rock rises again)

Further confirmation CNN is run by complete lunatics.  (CNN:  Vladimir Putin charms another US president)

Bullshit was finally called on James Comey and James Clapper.  (RT:  Putin: Trump seemed 'satisfied' with my denial of Russian election meddling)

Putin's optimistic view of the discussion with Trump is highly encouraging.  (RT:  Putin: Trump different in real life than on TV, we can restore relations with US)

Trump scored well with Gorbachev.  (RT:  ‘Unpredictable’ Trump praising 1st meet with Putin ‘a good thing’– Gorbachev)

Merkel sees positivity as well.  (RT:  ‘Everyone benefits from good, honest dialogue between Russia, US’ – Merkel)

There was also better discussion between Trump, China, and Japan.  (RT:  Trump addresses North Korea 'menace' in meetings with China and Japan)

On Twitter, Trump's just another troll, but it seems he is now or is becoming a diplomat as well.

Trump just bitchslapped the anti-vaxx crew and they're pissed.  (RawStory:  Trump just announced his pick to run CDC — and anti-vaxxers feel betrayed)

Pro tip:  they're definitely betrayed and this couldn't be more amusing.

No-one likes golfers.  (Bleacher Report:  Moose Chases Golfer on Swedish Course)

No-one likes Creationists either.  (RT:   Creationist uses Trump EO to win approval for Grand Canyon project)

When you realize your preacher is actually Rob Kardashian.  (Yahoo:  Priest arrested in Florida road rage incident after pulling out gun)

The Pentagon still deploys the Emperor's New Clothes to South Korea to make them think they won't get wasted when America attacks North Korea.  (RT:  US to conduct another THAAD test amid growing Korean Peninsula tensions)

Once Republicans were represented by an admirable lady, Shirley Temple Black, but today we see this baggage who is only a flack.  (The Guardian:  Nikki Haley: global face of Trump administration strikes delicate balance)

Theresa May rolled over for everything Trump wanted (i.e. a special relationship) so he hopes to make a deal before she's fired.  (The Guardian:  Trump hails ‘very special relationship’ with UK after meeting May – video)

The way to attack Donald Trump is not by insulting him since he has skin like a rhino.  Attack him by making damn sure Ivanka Trump is NEVER elected President.  The same applies to Chelsea Clinton who is even less qualified for much of anything.  (RT:  Ivanka Trump sits in for dad Donald at G20 leaders meeting (PHOTOS))

No chance this could be a problem.  (RT:  Eleventh Night: Bonfire built beside petrol station sparks safety fears (PHOTOS))

Macworld gets so cute when they get defensive.  (Macworld:  Knowables: The Apple Watch must be a flop)

Check out the punchline at the bottom for Apple Watch sells better than Swiss watches such as Rolex.  Yah, that's impressive when hardly any of the world's watches are made in Switzerland.  (Statista:  Leading watch exporting countries worldwide from 2013 to 2015, based on number of units (in millions))

It's not cool squashing turtles on Tennessee backroads and it's also not cool doing it on the runways at JFK Airport.  (New York Daily News:  Team of 40 turtles moseying across runway causes delays at JFK Airport)

When pricks light into a handicapped man, sometimes there is justice.  (Jalopnik:  Man With Amazing Garage And Terrible Neighbors Finally Wins Six-Year Legal Battle)

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