Saturday, July 8, 2017

11 Teens Hospitalized After Eating THC-Infused Gummy Bears #News #Cannabis

LAPORTE COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) - Police in La Porte County are investigating after a group of teenagers ate drug-infused gummy bears.

Late Thursday night, police were called out to the 5200 block of County Road 325 West.

A 19-year-old had called 911 and was waiting along the road. He told a sheriff’s deputy that he ingested an unknown drug and was sick and wanted to go to the emergency room.

"You know I'll tell you that in 31 years on the job I've never seen that many people affected by eating a gummy bear," said Captain Mike Kellems, La Porte County Sheriff's Department.

WNDU:  11 teens hospitalized after eating THC-infused gummy bears

This is not leading up to any smirking comedy since it extends from science about psychosis from cannabis.  The Rockhouse didn't believe it since cannabis was never so strong nor concentrated so heavily for Old School stoners.

The Rockhouse has a number of problems with the situation and the first is what kind of lunatic puts so much of a payload into a Gummy bear that it makes people sick.  There are multiple questions since we want to know if it was from a commercial cannabis shop or was this from home cooking.  If it was legal, why wasn't it inspected.

If the children had been any younger than these ones, there would have been absolute flaming uproar and you know I'm not exaggerating.

They call him a child in the article but the subject at the top was nineteen and legally a man.  From the sound of it a bunch of them thought it would be cool to get together for a buzz on Gummy bears with THC and there must have been some kind of warning about strength since they were cut in half for each kid.

As other sheriff’s deputies arrived to assist they were able to locate a home in the 5200 N block of CR 325 W where this is believed to have occurred. In the residence they found ten other teenagers all of whom had ingested an unknown narcotic that was making them ill. All complained of rapid heart rate, pain in their legs and blurred vision; several were suffering from hallucinations. Deputy Phillips was able to determine that the teens had each ingested one half of a gummy bear that supposedly contained THC. “THC” is the street term for tetrahydrocannabinol which is an active ingredient found in marijuana.


Regardless of whether the loaded Gummy bears were legal or illicit, the recklessness of manufacturing them at that strength makes all stoners look bad and, remarkably enough, a great many of us are responsible about it.


Anonymous said...

Reading most of the packaging laws for recreational marijuana sales lends one to believe that the potency of the marijuana is not very important aspect of the labeling.
Listing of additives such as solvents pesticides etc receive a lot of space.
Since this is a state by state issue there is a wide disparity in the laws with not even being packaged in child proof container not being standard.
I did not see any potency limits just a line requiring cannabinol percentage and batch number. The percentage number required a range since there is a wide variation in a single batch. I saw where weights where required but no guidelines on THE infused products.
Since there is very little regulation, I would assume that there will be many more of these stories to come
The industry is in its infancy but it is obvious that no one is in control.

Peas InOurThyme said...

That sounds like criminal negligence and that's the culture shock aspect since I'm fine with high test reefer but I never use it except the same old way with a sack of buds so the quality never varies except within long-known limits. Some nefarious lot is way off the rails with the commercialization and it's outrageous. In my view, what they're doing is analogous to putting the punch of a bottle of 151 Rum into a Twinkie and then getting shocked when kids get sick.

Anonymous said...

Can't be criminal since there are no laws against it. If one died maybe manslaughter or wrongful death lawsuit but these companies just shut down and re-open as a new company. That is the practice of the bath salt companies.
But the industry continues to say they can regulate themselves but they can't
even label their product well

Peas InOurThyme said...

It's a shame they can't be busted for it. I want the FDA in this but then it gets all stinky with states rights, etc.

I don't secure the reefer here because kids never come in here but it damn sure would be otherwise. I take an extremely dim view of the lackadaisical attitude toward the potential risk to extremely young children, particularly when they make Gummy bears.

Even if for no other reason, it outrages me as a stoner because this makes it like a guilt-by-association kind of situation but I would never permit such abuses if it were in my purview to prevent them. There's a whole lot of recklessness happening but it's not clear who's doing it.