Sunday, July 9, 2017

Keep Obstreperous Sex Alive and Legal in Gotham #Politics #Health #Sex

Olga Valerio and Byron Perez at Olga's residence in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

These two are the confirmed and acknowledged Loudest Fuck Monkeys in Gotham.

New York Post:  Mom admits she's the source of NYC's loudest sex

Olga’s fourth-floor pad at 7201 Ridge Blvd. was named in a 2015 DNAinfo report as home to the city’s highest number of 311 gripes about clamorous coitus. Neighbors, claiming the couple’s moans and grunts jolted them awake at all hours of the night, complained a half-dozen times alone in a three-month period, the site reported, citing city data.

DNAinfo:  The Most Loud Sex Complaints in New York City Come From This Building: Data

The Rockhouse submits that rather than condemnation, these two should get some kind of award for being the only two left in Gotham who are having any fun.

We weren't quite clear on obstreperous sex since that's one we thought America had not made illegal yet.

But 311 data obtained by DNAinfo through a Freedom of Information Request shows that residents really start to rage when a neighbor has obstreperous sex. The complaints cover a gamut of noises — from orgy grunts to bedposts banging against a wall.

- DNAinfo

Yep, there you have it and, yep, let's ban it.

Ed:  I still don't get what obstreperous sex means?

It sounds like it means anyone who has more fun than you.

It looks like the Best of the Bone in New York is in Brooklyn because that's where the highest number of complaints originate regarding loud sex.

Brooklyn logged 42 complaints — the most out of all the boroughs. Queens was second with 37, followed by the Bronx with 31 and Manhattan with 23. Staten Island didn’t make a peep — it had no complaints.

- DNAinfo

Not surprisingly, there are far fewer complaints regarding Manhattan since those stock brokers are so tooted up on la coca, they couldn't make a bone without a Gilbert Toys Erector Set and at least two D-cell batteries.

Do make your touring plans accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Who cares why they are making the noise but at all nights of the night Sit down SHUT UP and quit rho i g my sleep

Peas InOurThyme said...

If they were next-door to me, I probably wouldn't be so amused but I think it's hilarious from a distance.