Sunday, July 9, 2017

Donald Trump Has Got it Straight on Russian Meddling #News #Politics

HE DID 'NOTHING' Trump rips Obama over reax to Russia meddling, says it’s time to 'move forward' after Putin meeting. 

Fox News:  Trump rips Obama, Dems on Russia election meddling response

You don't need to be flogged with the litany since we have been hearing it from Clinton and Obama for months as they have tried to make excuses for her failure.

The Rockhouse takes some issue with citing Democrats as the basis for keeping that litany going since I'm a long-time Democrat and I have never believed much of anything coming out of the poisonous quagmire Obama and Clinton made of the party.

It was remarkable to see Facebook is much like a convent (i.e. quiet as a mouse) insofar as there's not much notice of any of this.  Most of them and a great many Twitterites have taken the engineered position about Russian hackers since it was coming from both sides.  For some while Fox News was spewing it too but they have largely stopped whereas CNN, The Guardian, et al never evolved at all.

It's further confirmation anytime you log into a social network, your IQ drops a little and the indifference means another cherub dies.  Valentine's Day is in severe jeopardy for next year for that reason.

Ed:  Valentine's Day thrives on dumb asses!

Yah but it's got to have cherubs or it's just a day for another boring football game.

Note for the fifty-cent editorial:  America has multiple national holidays for war but it's got nothing for love except chocolates to make you fat and scentless cut roses which will be dead in a week or less.  In the technical patois, Valentine's Day roses took a giant shit on the rose genome.

The Rockhouse is surprised since one anticipates the patriotic best in reception of news that the leaders are trying to work rationally with each other in a direct manner without the impediment of pundit immersion in whatever that dank fluid pundits use for their immersive purposes in journalism.

That Fox News is so forthright about the matter to no apparent result shows how much the Boston Molasses Tidal Wave has overtaken the populace.  (WIKI:  Great Molasses Flood)

They wave flags like champions for parades but then something important happens and they sleep through it.  WTF, mates?

Some component of the GOP loathes Trump because they want global domination.  That appears to be mostly coming from the Only Child Syndrome which has become much more prevalent in the modern time of greatly-reduced family sizes.  Those kids never learned you can't have it all and they want some kind of kozmik konfrontation with Russia which establishes American Exceptionalism over all things.  That sure worked out well for the British Empire, didn't it.

Remember the Dharasana Salt Works.  (WIKI:  Dharasana Satyagraha)

Note:  the telegram Martin Sheen read in "Gandhi" was not the same as Webb Miller sent back at the time.  That was dramatized but it didn't deviate from the original significantly in content except for the addition at the end in which Martin Sheen said, "Whatever moral ascendancy the West had in India was lost here today."

From the Centrist Party, there was Podesta calling Trump crazy for saying America needs to move forward.  Trump is easily crazy enough to see through a transparent flack like Podesta and there are reams of emails from him on WikiLeaks which prove his traitorous nature, both to the party and to the country.  Regrettably, the Centrist supporters don't read any of that material and dismiss it out of hand.  Those ones are at an extended tour of Disneyland and we don't anticipate nor desire seeing that lot any time soon.

The Centrists and the OCS Republicans have a more or less equal desire for world domination although neither has any particular idea what they would do with it if they possessed such a thing.  Long-time strategic thinking isn't a big hit with that lot; mostly they just want to blow shit up.

The only substantive difference between the Centrists and the OCS Republicans is which of them should be the Dominator.

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