Sunday, July 9, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/10

Paul Ryan won't be holding town hall meetings anymore because people might show up.  (Slate:  Paul Ryan Won’t Hold Public Town Halls Due to Fear of Protesters)

When America gets the best intel from Russia, the CIA might need a little pep talk.  (RT:  Moscow offers evidence to UN that N. Korea tested mid-range missile, not ICBM)

Easy win for Most Heartless Sheriff and he's in Butler County, near Cincinnati.  (HuffPost:  Sheriff In Heart Of Ohio’s Opioid Epidemic Refuses To Carry Overdose Reversal Drug)

Whoops ... this was an error which happened because I borked the scheduling.   There's not much happening, tho.  I'll update if I run into anything but CNN, Fox, and The Guardian are mostly just wasting pixels.

The KKK went to Charlottesville and they were outnumbered twenty to one.  (The Guardian:  KKK rally over Confederate statue stirs deep-rooted tensions in Charlottesville)

Nikki Haley seems determined to prove something beyond the fact she doesn't achieve anything and sounds like an ad for a vacuum cleaner.  (RT:  ‘We cannot trust Russia & we won’t ever trust Russia’ – US envoy to UN)

Transubstantiation doesn't work if you take the gluten out of the communion wafers.  (RT:   Vatican rules the Body of Christ can’t be gluten free)

In other news, apparently some asshole has been making communion wafers which have no gluten.

John McCain has a prediction that the GOP medical plan will fail.  (The Guardian:  John McCain predicts Republican healthcare bill will fail)

No shit, John.  It's been failing for nine years now but Paul Ryan remains as thick as a lump of granite and he keeps playing Groundhog Day with it.

The boundless disloyalty in the Senate comes from all sides.  (The Guardian:  'Close to the stupidest idea': critics lash Trump-Russia cyber security plan)

It's not tough to discern which ones are motivated by principles and which ones are motivated by no more than simple graft.

Donald Trump has revealed a much more interesting side of himself.  (RT:  Trump ‘knowledgeable’ & ‘skillful negotiator’ says Putin’s spokesman after ‘win-win’ G20 talks)

London just torched another building although fortunately there does not seem to have been any loss of life this time.  (RT:  London firefighters battle blaze at Camden Lock Market (PHOTOS, VIDEOS))

The only one left with anything nice to say about Turkey is Rex Tillerson.  (RT:  ‘100s of thousands’ rally in Istanbul ending 25-day march of Turkish opposition leader (VIDEO))

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