Friday, July 7, 2017

Immersive Journalism is not a Preference but No Segue from Supreme Surrealism

When everything is surreal, it really makes no difference if I turn around since it will be just as fuckin' crazy in that direction as well.

I'm flying with the Bene Gesserit just now since the Litany is a large part of it plus as much aspirin as I can stuff into myself but I won't go more than 3000 mg in 24 hours since you may know that stuff can easily blow a hole in your stomach.  I've never found other analgesics to be particularly effective so it's aspirin and the Sisterhood now.  Morphine worked but it wasn't worth getting sick as a rat to relieve pain.

That's what stands between me and the E.R. since no-one is coming to drag me and I don't perceive turning myself over to opiates as anything more than death; it's just more antiseptic and takes longer.

My mind will be alert until I'm boxed but there's no surprise in any of this since I've known it was coming and it was only a question of time.  Mister Toad's Wild Ride to Scotland and everything thereafter was to find some way to get things fixed so there's been about five years to deal with the fact of, yep, I'm fucked.

The situation is unusual but more tranquil than you might guess.  There may yet be a way to weasel out of it but that's not looking too good.  I think I may not go to the E.R. until I'm just fuckin' screaming behind this mess.  Sometimes that doesn't seem too far off but so long as the Litany gets me through the night then I ain't fuckin' going.

Yep, that will do it.

There isn't any Grand Wisdom which comes from this perspective.  You don't want to die; I don't want to die; we're even ... except you're afraid of it but, for me, it's more like a matter of scheduling.  Work on that, young grasshopper.

Meanwhile, there are the important things like why is bromance a word?

Ed:  who gives a shit?

Right you are, mate.

So why does naked now mean naked all over except for nipples and Mama's Hidden Treasure?

Ed:  naked still means naked; it's silly Victorian prigs who don't mean anything

Another correct answer.  You're only one away from a color TV.

Ed:  that's my prize?

There is no fuckin' prize, mate.  This is a no-pay / no-ads blog.  You may need to adjust your reality boundaries somewhat.  We're sure you're not far from a color TV wherever you are.

Ed:  what's the next question?

There is no next question since you got the last one wrong.  Enjoy your TV.

The Rockhouse really digs cheap-ass, touch-sensitive desk lamps and they're actually vital due to dim light in general in the room.  There are two but one wasn't suitable for reading for various boring reasons so that was replaced with El Kabong.  This one swivels and brings a strong beam at a height which is good for reading without requiring me to get like an origami creation to do it.

Now that's twenty dollars or less in LED brilliance and it reveals in the center the bird is still the word.  I haven't tried getting him swinging with this light but he ought to swing right into orbit now.  There's a bag of TOPS filters I got from Amazon so, yes, I really do filter the spliffs and they still work splendidly.

To the left is a pack of Not Marlboros with a Zippo lighter.  A Zipper is mandatory for cigarettes but a Bic lighter is just for ganja.  It's a Rockhouse thing but it wouldn't make any more sense if you were down here ... or it might.

That may seem a stupid acquisition given the general predicament but I'm not boxed until I'm fuckin' boxed.

You came to shoot me and you only brought Dick Cheney?  Fuck you!

These Dalmatian puppies are all from the same mother in Australia but there's one tiny problem:  like most dogs, Dalmatians only have ten nipples.  It looks like somehow they figured it out but mother must be a little tuckered.

Previously this was known as a Monkey Face Orchid but now they call it (fill in the blank).

It's real ... WIKI:  Dracula simia

This is said to be the next commercial passenger jet aircraft capable of supersonic flight.  However, where they will find passengers willing to fly in an aircraft named BOOM remains to be seen.  It's called a BOOM XB-1 and that sounds highly-explosve, doesn't it.

Beef, glorious beef

Bud, glorious bud

The appt card is out of date but it's become an important part of the Rockhouse infrastructure.

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