Friday, July 7, 2017

The Putin / Trump Handshake is Finally Real #Politics #Peace

They finally get to talk without MSM having anything to do with it and for the most part MSM is treating it like a game show but we're looking for more than that, aren't we, my brothers and sisters.

These are the leaders of the world and MSM only leads those who don't read.

For every single thing which the Rockhouse saw as positive about Donald Trump, this is the time for it.  Nixon was just a President and not such a good one until he opened China and that was the kind of leadership we need now.

I'm not going to argue whether Nixon did really shitty things since much of my life was as a result of one of them.  Trump is doing really shitty things as well although much like an elephant at Pamplona, but here is the moment of possible leadership and there's no way MSM can fuck it up.

No doubt MSM will come in after the fact to tell us what it really meant since immersive journalism can't work unless you sink your own egocentric bullshit into it but we only want to know what they said ... and we're hopeful.

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