Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 7/5


Sending Humans - Part II of this sci-fi study and no Comments to refute the ideas in it although I've asked for them and there will be a Part III since I'm considering the premises valid and acceptable unless I hear hooting

Donald Trump - excellent news in meeting face-to-face with Vladimir Putin

Vietnam - radical move in Vietnam to reduce air pollution and it's daring given the number of people who will be smoking mad about (i.e. riders of bikes and scooters in the city)

Nights in White Satin - maybe you got tired of it a hundred years ago but maybe you never heard it on a harp guitar (includes several other covers by him as well)

#News - it did well today but delivering it in Fort Worth morning time is strange and I'll likely go back to doing it as I did previously (I thought it was about 50/50 for an ill-advised attack on NK so I waited)

What's Hot

The Time Dilation - unknown if you have to be hammered to write physics poems, read them, or both but thanks for the interest and the conundrum is represented by a real request for an answer

Menstruation - an article to write and hope no-one gets pissed off.  It didn't turn into a boomer but it wasn't a buster either so definitely a mixed result

Volvo Will Exit - to make an impressive move toward EVs by abandoning vehicles powered only by internal combustion - I was surprised this one did not boom more but you make the calls on that

#Photography - it doesn't look like you thought this was so beautiful today but that's one of the beautiful things about beauty when someone else doesn't see it and we can kick back to say, "WTF is wrong with you?  Of course it's beautiful!"

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