Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Share Your Thoughts with Us | Nina Turner, Our Revolution #Politics

Our Revolution


Thank you for being a part of the largest grassroots movement in modern political history. This Fourth of July, will you help us write the next chapter and continue what Bernie started?

Today we celebrate the revolution that started our country while recognizing that more than 200 years later we are still working to build a country that works for everyone. As we reflect on how far we've come and where we are going next, we want to hear your thoughts on this political revolution, and where you want our grassroots energy to be directed to bring about a society with liberty and justice for all.

There are many, many issues that we are fighting for which all demand our attention. Our efforts to protect and expand access to affordable health care, Fight for $15, protect civil and voting rights, and transform our energy system are all under assault. We need your involvement, and your input, to help chart the course for Our Revolution.
My priority as president is to support the hundreds of local organizing chapters that are generating the grassroots energy and building our movement across the country. Your input is an important part of that process.

From the entire staff at Our Revolution, we wish you a happy Fourth of July.

In solidarity,

Nina Turner
Our Revolution

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