Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Donald Trump to Meet Vladimir Putin for Much-Awaited Talk #Politics #News

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will meet face-to-face on, I believe, Friday.

Let me rephrase that:  they will meet without any goddamn MSM pundits trying to make it all about themselves and all because they're paid handsomely for it.  There will be no gravy-sucking, congressional bribe monkeys anywhere near either.

Note:  the Rockhouse is free with language but there are some words we reserve for the absolute worst.  MSM is easily the worst.

Now the leaders of the world will have a chance to talk about the future of the world without the incessant media bombardment from MSM pundits or via MSM from Congress, none of which has any particular relationship to truth or morality.

We have seen MSM even questioning this meeting without any apparent realization or acceptance of the fact their gross misbehavior has generated a large part of the need for it.

Let me put it plainly for them:  he's the fuckin' President.

Note:  stolen from Richard Belzer in "The Groove Tube" and he turned out to be a much better TV cop than a comedian although he killed with that line in the movie.

Ed:  you wrote an article today trashing the American flag!

In fact, I was not trashing the flag but rather what has been done to it in the time post-WWII.  (Ithaka:  July the Fourth, Obedience Day in America #Political #Peace)

My respect is for truth and real freedom and nowhere will sing that louder if we find them.  There may well be a real chance of finding them through this discussion and Congress can deal with it because, see above, he's the fuckin' President.

MSM:  we'll see about that; we will impeach him.

Sure you will and you have been playing that like it's Flight MH-17 but you still didn't find the aircraft, did yewwww?

MSM has two segments and Fox News is typical Hard Right but they're predictable in it.  They say twisted and selfish things but that's exactly what we expect from them.  The more dangerous segment is the MSM centered on CNN because they're quite a bit like Fox News but they pretend they're not.  Those ones are stone evil.

We can deal with the Hard Right and humanity always has but we can't deal with shiftless skunks who make shady deals in the background.  The Rockhouse regards CNN as a much greater threat to truth in America than Fox News.  Typically, Fox will twist the news by omitting this or that.  CNN, however, will just make up whatever occurs to them.  The most classic example of that was Jake Tapper going on about the urination shows by Russian hookers for Trump.  At that point, any sensible person just turns the television off but those Democrats sure as hell didn't.

The Rockhouse couldn't be more pleased to see Putin and Trump meeting far away from the destructive interference from MSM and Congress.  As history shows, Congress voted for every bit of the travesty of overspending for the military and Trump walked into the middle of it.  Of the two, I'm far more inclined to believe Trump is trying to make a deal than I ever would believe that of Congress and I would never believe it of MSM.

This is good news, mates.  Maybe we can get on with the future if those chaps can talk without being surrounded by flacks.

Don't be saying there's some Rockhouse rollover for Trump's policies since engagement on a rational basis with the Russians is the only one the Rockhouse ever endorsed.  There are other aspects of policy which I loathe but you don't need the Encyclopedia Britannica recital.  We shall see if confidence is warranted in whether his vision of the relationship can work or if it will simply keep extending the suicidal policy going back decades.

Donnie boy, you've had it nice so far in writing twisted proclamations from the cushy pad in the White House while you're surrounded by sycophants who tell you they're good ideas.  Now it's time for some real leadership stuff.  Get on with it, lad; this is the real thing and everything else was just smoke.

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