Wednesday, July 5, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/5

The only way Chris Christie will be able to extend his fifteen minutes of fame now is by exploding from a digestive disorder.  He kicked people out of their homes under threat of arrest for his beach party.  (NJ:  Christie tans while Island Beach homeowners burn | Di Ionno)

Rex Tillerson is just the meat shield for Donald Trump who may be about to make the catastrophically stupid mistake he could possibly make.  Hopefully this is just Tillerson shooting off his mouth again.  (Fox:  US vows it will 'never accept a nuclear North Korea' after new missile test)

CNN threatened to out the artist who made the meme of Trump wrestling a girl and #CNNBlackmail came out of it.  CNN is not finding a whole lot of love on Twitter.

Julian Assange‏ @JulianAssange  3h3 hours ago

 When Trump goes low CNN goes lower: threatens to dox artist behind "CNN head" video if he makes fun of them again CNN (archived page)

Trump makes the mistake of thinking reviling CNN is the same as trusting him.  It only means we trust them less as in not at all.  (RT:  Trump v CNN: Republicans & Democrats at odds when it comes to trustworthiness – poll)

The traditional riots for G20 are well underway in Hamburg.  (RT:  Hamburg police deploy water cannons against G20 protesters (PHOTOS, VIDEOS))

Welcome to Hell, announce left wing protestors at Hamburg.  (RT:  ‘Welcome to Hell’: Huge ‘militant left’ bloc expected at G20 protests, Hamburg police warn)

Hell actually means light auf Deutsch so it's something of a play on words as well.

Some science with an immense crocodile which may have been 35' or longer and could eat humans like after dinner mints.  (Science Daily:  Gigantic crocodile with T. rex teeth was a top land predator of the Jurassic in Madagascar)

Hell is probably not in Hamburg but wherever that crocodile lives could be a strong possibility.

Ukraine sinks deeper into its own muck.  (RT:  Ukrainian software firm suspected of spreading global virus, servers seized)

It's not good news to hear from Le Tour de France about getting ugly in this way.  Damn shame.  (The Guardian:  Mark Cavendish out of Tour and Peter Sagan disqualified after horror crash)

Irving Penn was one of America's finest photographers.  Maybe some recall the Goodbye, Bobby picture.  He did that one.  (Observer:  Image Experimenters: From Irving Penn to Magnum Photos)

My God, it's full of eels.  All of God's chilluns have to live ... even eels ... right?   It's an excellent conservation effort.  (UPI:  Cornell researchers build American eels an 'eelevator')

When you're as much of an asshole as Fabio Silva, you will probably spend the rest of your life alone with computer sex dolls.  (Mirror:  Car-lover defends taking-up FOUR parking spaces for his "pride and joy" as he brands other drivers "idiots")

The legendary Ghost King Roo has been spotted in Australia and this time there are pictures.  (ABC:  Rare albino kangaroo photographed on farm in Western Australia)

Joey Chestnut said he does not know if bull penis parts are in hot dogs.  Tip: what else could you possibly do with bull penises.  (The Guardian:  Supreme Joey Chestnut eats 72 hot dogs to win Nathan's Famous title)

At least the corgis are racing at Tampa Bay Downs.  The race is a riot.

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