Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 7/4


Germany - incredible implementation of solar power

Sending Humans - this is the most sci fi bit out of Ithaka in a while and I'm fairly sure the science is valid but please do hoot if you suspect it's rubbish

Increased Air Pollution - skeptical review about costs and measures of air pollution and good Comments about it

On the Government - we all know the government abuses cell phone monitoring but this aspect is more of the indiscriminate fishing trip nature for local purposes

Sinclair - any way you slice this outfit, it comes up bad and it's a fair warning from John Oliver with a priceless finale

#News - this one makes a fairly good showing

July the Fourth - remarkable to see the interest in this one since the Rockhouse idea of freedom is quite a bit different from many

The Way - the first tentative posting regarding using laser beams to get to the stars

What's Hot

#Photography - there was a mention of men being beautiful and maybe people got queasy so not such a big hit with this one

The Rockhouse flagrantly violated the ten article limit today but there were multiple big boomers (i.e. well-received articles) so I'm not really so sure that limit is important.  I do need to be careful about writing too many articles nevertheless.

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