Tuesday, July 4, 2017

#News on the Nailhead 7/4 - 2

There's not much science happening today but, actually, there's not much of anything happening today.  Maybe doing these earlier gets the date synced better to when the events actually happened.  As I've been doing them, they're prepared the evening before so they were inevitably out of sync.  Plus I got a pass to post more without getting busted and cut off so I let it rip now.

Washington state may need a refresher course on the purpose of firetrucks.  (KEPR:  Richland fire truck engine starts I-82 brush fire, halts traffic)

After you see this windmill, maybe you will be thinking Don Quixote had it right.  (Sun:  BREEZY LIVING This Grade II-listed windmill has been transformed into a five-bed family home… and you’ll be amazed once you take a spin around inside)

There isn't a square room in the place and it's supremely cool from top to bottom.  It's also six hundred G's so bring your VISA card.

Mom, can I keep the bear in my bedroom.  He won't eat much ... except maybe me.  (ABC:  Bear crashes through window of Alaska boy's bedroom)

When these scientists talk of strange, they mean pink ... and ugly ... and don't belong there but, strangest of all, there are millions of them.  These things aren't even good eating for fish.  (Phys.org:  Scientists baffled by strange sea creatures near Alaska)

You don't have to tell these scientists about climate change; they're watching it.

North Korea takes the win for Fourth of July fireworks.  We know Kim Jong un and Washington have great fun with the grandstanding but maybe they could go a little easier before someone blows off his hand with the damn things.  (CNN:  North Korea tests missile it claims can reach 'anywhere in the world')

Donald Trump asked in response is this what you do with your life.  Here's a simple answer, Don Boy:  yes, it is.  He likes fucking with you because America is funny to watch and Kim Jong un gets lots of chicks because his friends think it's cool but that works the same for you, doesn't it, Don Boy.

Maybe you recall Bernie Sanders saying this, oh, a year ago.  (RT:  US still has no path to peace in Afghanistan, bipartisan senators say)

As always, the only solution for bankers is to try them then hang them.  (The Guardian:  Ex-Barclays chief John Varley appears in court over fraud charges)

We have a Holiday Fireworks Winner now and this champion used a smoke bomb to get the bees out of his garage.  Now he has no bees ... and no garage.  (MLive:  Man tries to use fireworks to take out bees' nest, burns garage down instead)

Note:  no injuries or we would not run it.

Being Gay for Trump must bring endless comedy to one's life but, regrettably, it doesn't draw much of a crowd.  (Occupy Democrats:  “Gays for Trump” Just Tried To Hold A Rally And It Backfired In The Best Way)

Is the over-supply of oil due to fracking making sense yet?  Tip: it keeps petrol relatively cheap.  (CNN:  Americans are going deeper into debt to buy cars)

They're going out to six years on payments for just about the most dumb ass and expensive way possible to buy a car.  I know you won't let your kids fall into such a trap but it seems many of them aren't getting the message and many of those aren't kids.

Now ain't this about damn time.  Get the idiot media out of the way and get down to business, gentlemen.  As a helpful reminder, that business is peace.  (RT: Putin-Trump meeting at G20 equally important for Russia, US & intl stability – Kremlin)

FBI proves again they're experts in security.  Well ... that was clever, wasn't it.  (RT:   FBI vehicle loaded with firearms stolen at Chicago gas station)

What say we get James Comey to investigate.

Chase Bank got a deal on dodgy programmers from British Airways and Delta.  (RT:   Nationwide outage hits Chase bank customers before 4th of July)

Naturally, Russians must have done it, right?

Here's a tip, ducks:  you are completely fucked.  (RT:  ‘Most wanted’ British jihadist bride now ‘desperate’ to flee ISIS, return to UK)

It's unclear why Theresa May is not in prison.  (RT:  Theresa May ‘sitting’ on UK terrorism funding report to protect Saudi allies)

California came to rescue some stupid hikers ... but then decided to leave them.  (RT:  ‘Send nudes plz’: Just-rescued hiker makes plea for love on live TV (VIDEO))

An ancient race of giants has been discovered ... in China.  (RT:   5,000yo Chinese ‘giants’ discovered by archeologists (VIDEO))

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