Saturday, July 8, 2017

Watching CNN Lobbying for Conflict and War with Russia #News #Politics

We're aware CNN is nothing but a cheap tabloid now but sometimes the things they do are so shameless they still merit a note.

(CNN) We might never know exactly what they discussed -- nor can either side now seem to agree -- but President Donald Trump emerged fresh with optimism on Friday after a first face-to-face meeting with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Speaking to reporters after the sit-down, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson remarked on Trump's and Putin's easy comfort.

"The two leaders, I would say, connected very quickly," he said. "There was a very clear positive chemistry between the two."

Tillerson, who knows Putin well from his time dealing with Moscow as the CEO of oil giant ExxonMobil, added that the conversation didn't include much "relitigating of the past."

CNN:   Vladimir Putin charms another US president

That's it; that's all Gregrory Krieg of CNN has got to justify a headline which says Putin gulled Trump as if he's so simple Putin could beguile him, pacify him, and generally bring Trump to passivity.

It's unbelievable, mates.  See the article for yourself since there's nothing more about that which was actually said in the Putin / Trump discussion and the rest goes into immersing Herr Krieg in his illusion of the events.  He even weasels a plug for Clinton into it.  Pro tip on that:  war auf Deutsch ist Krieg.

We didn't need to be immersed in Gregory Krieg's soul because all that revealed was he doesn't have one.  We didn't know who he was before the article and we don't care now.  We loathe immersive journalism all the more every time we see it.

What other reason is there for undermining the Putin / Trump discussion beyond a lobby for increased confrontation with Russia and ultimately to war.  There's a secondary reason in defense the false feminism of Hillary Clinton who was little associated with feminism but greatly associated with war.

CNN writers don't have much of a future in news but they may be able to find work in fiction.  They have cleverly made themselves even less trustworthy than politicians.

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