Saturday, July 8, 2017

"Betty Oop Boop" #Poetry

I want to hear about disarmament
instead I hear about a snub
that doesn't amount to a hell of a lot
but brothers, sisters, here's the rub
so long as they blow smoke rings
from that noble and grandiloquent pose
they can pretend nothing else happened
since then no-one ever knows

We want fish but we get bait
we hear from the girl but get no date
the clocks are roaring backwards
so they really can't be late
but it doesn't matter anyway
when they're blazing back nowhere
and there's no evidence to be found
any of them even cares

There's a war being fought in Hamburg
where they sent twenty thousand cops
but that really wasn't good enough
since the violence never stops
when the rich turn out the guns
it makes the People all the more
and soon it comes the time
when their guns won't settle their score

Instead we hear about this snub
like it amounts to a hill of beans
in a field full of caterpillars
with simple caterpillar dreams
but these ones won't be butterflies
these will be nothing but what you see
since their only source of knowledge
was a piece of shit TV

Betty oop, boop
boop, oop, boop, boop

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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