Sunday, July 23, 2017

There Was a Large Popping Sound and I Thought it Might Be Significant

But I was just about to fall asleep and I just faded out instead of doing anything.

That turned out to be a transformer from the power company which has now become one of the Undead.

Ed:  so now it will become a politician?

The Undead always do, mate.

I woke up some hours later in coal miner darkness which is unusual since lights are always lit here when the place is large and the lady of the house takes some security from a little light.  That wasn't the way of it tonight and I made the connection to the popping sound but I knew it had to be hours later because my magical power backup system had run out of juice as well.  The situation wasn't fixed so I figured we must be on a Centrist Democrat power plan.

Ed:  what do Centrist Democrats have to do with it?

The transformer blew up but they wouldn't fix it because they only serve Wall Street.

Ed:  does everything need a political needle?

Nah but this situation begs for it.

I was kind of highly bummed about the circumstance since there's a crumby freezer (i.e. too small) combined with the refrigerator and Yevette got a swell stand-up freezer maybe a year ago.  It looked like there would be a carnival for the critters in all that newly-defrosted food but that didn't happen since power has magically reappeared.

Ed:  so Centrist Democrats aren't so bad?

Oh, they're still bad.  When the power came back it meant Progressives had finally pushed those lickspittle lackeys in the Centrist Democrats out of the way to actually get something done.

Ed:  why aren't you slamming Republicans?

Republicans are honest about being shit buckets but Centrist Democrats pretend to be something else.  Paul Ryan is straight-up about the fact he doesn't give one flying fuck about anyone on the planet except himself.  That will never get him invited to a party at the Rockhouse but it's understandable and hardly atypical in a country which has so much lost its way.

The Rockhouse reviles Centrist Democrats far more than Republicans because they come on like vestal virgins but they bomb the same as Republicans and they suck ass with the CIA like they're competing on "American Idol."

Ed:  there are no lights so why would anyone come to a Rockhouse party anyway?

Now there are lights so that shows Congress and sanctions against Russia had nothing to do with the repair.

Ed:  how do you know that?

The repair actually worked and that's impossible while any Russian sanctions are in place because they're so stupidly provincial and so typical of unwashed colonials.  Thus far, sanctions have never served a purpose anywhere beyond driving business to partners willing to pay the premium to Wall Street shylocks.

Congress exists for much the same reason as "The Bachelorette" so fat people will have a sex life.

Ed:  this whole bit was political!

Hey, mate, it was just a fuckin' power failure with the consequence of making it darker at night.  There just ain't no long legs in a story like that.  There would have been great tragedy in defrosting the freezers but that didn't happen after all.

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