Friday, June 23, 2017

Firing Nancy Pelosi to Restore Integrity of Democratic Party #Politics #Feminism

Democrats have been watching the momentum build while Centrists have been panicking mightily.  Well, they should since they became surrogates for the Goldman Sachs hell children of the GOP.  (Observer:  Democrats Realize 2010 ‘Fire Nancy Pelosi’ Campaign Has Been Working)

The most obvious failing in her attempts to cling to the failed principle was in the face plant by Jon Ossoff in Georgia since he was an extremely high-dollar Democrat who failed altogether in distancing himself from the Centrist position and was consequently trounced.

The Democratic Party cannot possibly claim any restoration of its integrity while such people are running it and cleaning out the DNC was only a shadow play when the puppet masters (i.e. Clinton and Co.) pull strings in the background.

There's an additional observation.  (Observer:  Democrats Still Haven’t Learned From Bernie Sanders)

The term Democrat is bandied about casually but Democrats have been well aware of the lessons from Bernie Sanders and have been, in fact, yearning to hear them after all these years of mediocrity. It's the Centrists who don't get it and that was tagged to Boomers en masse but that's not true.  I'm quite sure I've been Booming all my life but it takes more than an Arkansas carpetbagger to pop my cork so Bernie has been the One all along.

There's another group from the Gen-X crowd which goes from maybe forty to mid-fifties and a good many of those have skulls like a T. rex, even the intelligent ones.  They're locked onto the idea of Centrism and it's impossible to blow it out even with gelignite.

Or maybe you want to blame Millennials since it's so easy to gull those little rotters given what happened with their divas and music.

All of those characterizations are likely true and false at the same time when it's the assumption you can take the group as one which is flawed.

If you can't pull it together for Bernie Sanders then take a good look at Tulsi Gabbard who is for the moment something of an understudy but she's a rising star who has faced tremendous opposition but has showed good grace throughout.

The Rockhouse is more than happy and eagerly awaits the opportunity to demonstrate support for feminism but we need a candidate we consider worthy.  Tulsi Gabbard is the candidate.


Anonymous said...

Centrist have always been the answer pulled by the far right and the far left.
45% Centrist 27.5% far left 27.5 far left.
I would be happy.
The new Senate health care bill is useless it helps no one but still spends money
At least Obama care helps some people as much as I dislike the plan it is not useless

Anonymous said...

PS Space X at t minus 59 and counting

Peas InOurThyme said...


Peas InOurThyme said...

Obamacare was just a BandAid on a bad system. There's nothing redeemed about privatized insurance in any way and anything which extends a reason to keep it around does no-one any real favor.

Laughing Gecko said...

You're quite right about Tulsi Gabbard. She's very popular out here (Hawaii) and seems to be the real deal. She seems to have backbone and is in it for the long haul. Go Tulsi!

Peas InOurThyme said...

Right there with you in support for her. She does seem like one of the rare ones and I don't mean for women specifically but for anyone.