Saturday, July 22, 2017

#Photography for the Beautiful 7/23

Serre-Chevalier, France

Britain’s Chris Froome, wearing the overall leader’s yellow jersey, descends the Col du Galibier on stage 17 of the Tour de France.

Photograph: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

The light is interesting since why is the rider lit but the road is not.  I'm sure using any kind of a flash would be seriously bad form so unknown how it was done but the result is surprising.

The other pictures at The Guardian were almost all violent in one way or another and Ithaka won't have it, doesn't need it.  Therefore, improv.

"The Muse Erato at her Lyre" - John William Godward

The lyre is such an ancient instrument and what a marvel of a leap in the evolution since stringed instruments are much harder to make than the early pipes and drums.  The strings make a special challenge since the instrument will bend or break if the strings aren't strongly enough reinforced.

Brand unknown

The Rockhouse isn't zooming in space over the physical aesthetic but this oven has such a beautiful indestructibility.  The history of such ranges goes back to all the Americana you may ever need.

Unless you're a gourmet chef, this one probably overdoes it since there are five burners with monstro in the center, three more big ones, and a small one on the front right.

Then there's that moment when you realize Saint Bernard dogs are not the only animals in the Bavarian Alps.

Some guy.

Tip:  he sings like Antonio Banderas.

Ed:  is that true?

No idea but Banderas really is an astonishing singer.

The feeling you get when you log into a social network.

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