Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Twitter Groundlings Call it Being Triggered | Ref: Article on Brain Training

In the Pidgin English patois of the Twitter groundlings, it's known as being triggered if you react to whatever devastatingly insightful thing they may have to say (e.g. "Oy ... yer Mama an' yer grotty Granny!")

There is some measure of provocation in the Brain Training article since I suspect there are defenders of the technology out there.  (Ihaka:  Brain Training is a Complete Waste of Time #Science #Neurology #Medicine)

The title of the article is openly provocative and I do have a measure of personal engagement since I've a long-standing dim view of adding STP to car motors or brain additives / ineffective and possibly destructive software to humans.

Everything has been highly cool of late with dispassionate views of that which is happening and I do thank you for that since it's a case study on Life, the Universe, and Everything when the Rockhouse strongly believes if humans talk dispassionately and without external influence then we can solve anything and I do mean fucking anything.

They laughed at JFK when he said he wanted a man walking on the Moon but you saw how that all went down.

Ed:  in Arizona on a soundstage?

Yeah, yeah, yeah ... shut up, Alex Jones, or we will have you murdered ... by lovesick weasels who have an inordinate predilection for savoring your gentleman's area in most extraordinarily unnatural ways, painful ways.

Maybe you have had some commitment to Brain Training and are convinced of results.  There's no reason to argue with that observation.  However, my only answer is to point back to the science to say, well, this is what they saw.  On my scorecard, that comes out to a tie so it needs some other information to take the vibe to a newer level.

Silas:  may I suggest Tellicherry peppercorns since they can add a most remarkable sparkle to the most boring repast.

Something like that, Silas.

The perception of efficacy is a delicate thing and for this evening's attraction we have a simple pack of cigarettes.  They tell you no matter what every other horrible cigarette did to your lungs to make them hurt, I can make them feel better.

And a fuckin' smoker will believe that shit even while he or she knows it's stinkin' hogwash.

Humans have an extraordinary capacity for believing things work even when they don't and it's often to our detriment.

Likely we're in agreement on that much but maybe Brain Training not so much (larfs).

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