Friday, July 7, 2017

"Passing Out Hot Dogs and Party Hats #Poetry

They want me in the E.R.
but you know already that score
that's when they will start the drugs
to make me an opiate whore
another among so many
who see the system and run away
after it has failed them so badly
in its greedy, shameless way

There's nothing but narcotic oblivion
without thought or real dreams
and finally in life it comes the time
when it doesn't matter what it seems
They believe Heaven's price of admission
is a whole lot of fucking pain
but we don't buy that bullshit
since what has God to gain

His word is poisoned and exploited
by merchants and purblind fools
who have heard of his holy nature
but only see him as another tool
to obtain the things they're wanting
to use people as they callously will
because it's worth it to lose a few of us
since sometimes blood has to spill

They say

"My blood must never spill
it must never be mine
I tell you I come from God
so that duty must be thine
I will tell the glory of battle
but I couldn't possibly know
since in my time when I was called
I didn't fucking go"

They sing it all so fervently
and pass out hot dogs and party hats
but people don't see the symbols
they never see where it's at
since a hot dog has the worst of the animal
and the hat just stands for cash
but you won't get any money
and tomorrow it will be in the trash

They give such impassioned speeches,
those vile, vampiric leeches
who somehow in their twisted minds
think they have something to teach us
They words spill out so fluidly
when there's nothing much inside them
but there's one thing they can always know
we will never stand beside them

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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