Monday, July 10, 2017

So Then I Talked to the Cadillac Man

"Surf Rider" came from "The Lively Ones" and she's a comely lass on the sufboard, isn't she.  Maybe you get lucky and run into Tulsi Gabbard out there too.

It's one of the greatest hooks of all time.  "Pulp Fiction" brought it back to life but it had another long before.

Cadillac Man said he sees my thinking that opiates are tantamount to death but he had one question which blows my logic all to hell:  what if the E.R. presents some other option you haven't considered?

There's only one answer to that one: just do it and go to the E.R.  Predicting the outcome is fortune telling so that will keep until it's knowledge rather than just pundit bullshit.

Cadillac Man and I talked some days ago but I've been thinking about it.

I'll take this one more step should ML find a way to get down here since I'll turn over guardianship of the ganja.  Anyone who has followed the story has likely seen it exacerbates the problem and there's no escaping that reality.  The purpose in doing such a turnover is it would likely reduce consumption.  I make no promise to stop but that compromise would be ok.  That doesn't try to make ML a cop so much as a quartermaster since I'll reserve the right to smoke the ganja if I feel like it but she would add a layer of adulthood, possibly the only layer of adulthood, to the decision.

As to cigarettes, the best therapy on those is to stay the hell away from computers since they invite frequent smoking but I never do that while engaged in anything else.  No need for any more on that; I just don't.

Ed:  you often had a cigarette stuck in the strings on the head of your guitar!

True as I definitely did but how often did you see me smoking it.  There's no chance while playing at the same time.

I have no idea if it's possible to turn the situation around but it sure hasn't looked hopeful of late.  However, I am willin' and therefore the first move is the E.R. because another question from Cadillac Man was whether I would feel bound by anything they tell me I can or should do.

In that regard, the answer is unequivocal since at this age I don't believe any of us feel bound by anything except not getting dead.  Law is irrelevant except for those which may wind up hurting someone if we violate them (e.g. speeding in a car, etc).  If you heed anything, most likely it will be the Maker in whatever form he or she may take.

So that makes a plan and that upholds the oldest part of the Rockhouse philosophy that usually any move is better than no move at all since you may be able to fix a wrong move but you can never reclaim the time in which you did nothing.


Anonymous said...

ER may say it's time for O2. Did the VA suggest the ER? ML

Anonymous said...

I will try to call again today at the usual time or you could call me--you have the cell #. I will leave the phone on. ML

Peas InOurThyme said...

We have since talked but readers don't know that and confirming the VA said go to the E.R.

I had not been thinking about O2 but that could be a possibility. That solution is distasteful but not life ending so more information is only answer.