Monday, July 10, 2017

"Pipeline" | The Lively Ones (1963) | Quentin Tarantino #Music #SurfRock

Maybe this seems like nostalgia but I wasn't aware of The Lively Ones until Quentin Tarantino who seems to have an incredible knowledge of surf rock.

We arrived in America for the last of '62 and, at that point, surf rock was dying while The Beatles were coming.  There was little to no knowledge of American music prior to coming here, most likely because my ol' Dad saw music as classical, swing / jazz, or utter bloody rubbish.

If you have heard "Pipeline" previously then probably it was the version by The Ventures but this feels more pumped-up.  They really were The Lively Ones, it seems.  They look like complete dorks in the pictures but they must have been happenin' at the time.

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