Monday, July 10, 2017

The Shadows | 50th on BBC HD | Royal Variety Performance 2008 #Music #SurfRock

The Rockhouse didn't know anything about The Shadows either but they're still gigging fifty years after they were hot and it's not just one old guy from the band but all of them.  I couldn't tell when Cliff Richards started singing with them since I saw video from them recorded back in the 60s but Richards wasn't in it.

Hank Marvin plays lead and he really knows the surf rock moves.  They only do three songs but it's a great set and the last surfs it all the way to the beach.

These are some seriously resilient musicians and it's cool to see that kind of heart.  The Comments thread on YouTube may amuse you since there's the obligatory representation from old cranks rattling on about how this was the best music ever.  What does best even mean when there are many who could murder them for technical musicianship today.

Ed:  but they don't got no heart in it

Right you are, mate.

Those New School guitarists are probably robos.  Watch out for that lot.

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