Saturday, July 22, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/23

Prince George looks a whole lot like Paul McCartney so this is clear evidence of a conspiracy at Buckingham Palace to conceal something we need to know.  Is the future King of England really the son of a Beatle?  (CNN:  Prince George marks 4th birthday with new photo)

Florida genius somehow finds a way.  Anything involving eggs, cops, and reefer cannot possibly go well.  Tip: no injuries.  (Bay News 9:  Lakeland teens arrested after throwing egg at bicyclist)

Note:  honorable mention of Le Tour de France in this one.  You threw an egg at the wrong rider, kid.

Making coffee mix which includes Viagra might have been a good plan if they told anyone what was in it.   (CNN:  Coffee recalled for undeclared Viagra-like ingredient)

In other news:  it must be really easy to make Viagra so no wonder it costs so much.

Love your knobs and they will love you.  Tip: it's a clever idea as a salve for the hopelessly obsessive, neurotic, and those who are hanging on way, way too tight.  (Yahoo:  Here's Why You Should ALWAYS Take a Photo of Your Stove Dials Before Vacation)

It looks like Ark Encounter's Sugar Daddy is going home.  (LEX18:  Ark Encounter's Tax Incentive Suspended)

Note:  Ark Encounter went non-profit to dodge taxes on ticket sales, etc ... so now any tax subsidies from the city / state are evaporating.

Extra credit:  when Kentucky's Noah's Ark finally does go bust, what could anyone possibly do with the property.  It doesn't have any windows and the only type of establishment needing that kind of privacy is a bordello.  Enjoy that vision, mates.

Different boobs but same bankers.  No sale.  No more Centrist ringers for Progressives.  (The Guardian:  Could Kamala Harris revive the fractured Democratic party for the 2020 election?)

Note:  pols are clean on big money backers or they're not.  It's binary.

Another reason the South doesn't need Northerners.  (Fox News:  NY 'doofy' teen who lost car at Metallica concert in Toronto finds it, days later)

Note:  no worries on that one coming South since it's unlikely he could find the way.  Yes, scream rock does turn your brain to jelly and soon you wake up as a Juggalo, beguiled and bedeviled by Insane Clown Posse.  After that there is nothing (sob).

You can go to the International Space Station and Google walk around it now.  (Scientific American:  Ground Control to Major Google: Space Station Street View Is Here)

Note:  when the Street View goes to space, the physics may be getting a little weird.

Of course you're not a real saint until you are spotted in a tree.  (Daily Mail:  Could this be Mother Tree-sa? Exposed wood opposite a church bears a remarkable likeness to the famous saint)

Say there, Ben ... maybe they just don't like you.  Tip:  don't fly Delta ... please.  (Fox News:  Ben Shapiro: UC-Berkeley Giving Me the Ann Coulter Treatment)

Russia bombed the ISIS headquarters and America wasn't even there.  (Fox News:  ISIS broken, but leader slipped away due to leak, says key general)

Surveys are completed and they show conclusively Kentucky doesn't have its shit together on anything whatsoever.  (  ‘I’m sorry, Mom!’: A child accidentally shoots a child in Kentucky every 7 weeks)

Note: that doesn't sound so melodramatic when it's expressed as one every couple of months but any number high than zero is unacceptable.

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