Friday, July 7, 2017

News on a Nailhead 7/8

This will be tough to explain after Theresa May has done so much for Saudis.  (RT:  Theresa May to call for crackdown on terrorist funding at G20 meeting)

As to whether anyone anywhere likes Theresa May, that looks like a negatory.  (RT:   Conservative coup rumors swirl as May’s popularity plummets)

The GOP may try to shore up Mitch McConnell but we wonder why they bother.  (RT:  GOP ponders shoring up Obamacare as repeal falters & lawmakers buy insurance stock)

Common sense about Ukraine comes from Trump / Putin.  (RT:  Putin & Trump agree to create bilateral channel to promote Ukraine settlement – Lavrov)

Whether you're looking at Rachel Maddow or Kim Kardashian's ass, it comes out about the same.  (TheIntercept: Rachel Maddow’s Exclusive “Scoop” About a Fake NSA Document Raises Several Key Questions)

Multiple reports of cop injuries at G20 but I've not seen anything on injuries to civilians.  (RT:  Water cannon, torched cars: Protests rage in Hamburg for 2nd day as G20 summit kicks off)

The Pope has nothing good to say about the capitalist plutocracy at G20 either.  (RT:  End all useless slaughter, halt arms race – Pope Francis to G20 leaders)

Another day, another tantrum from Israel.  (RT:  'Delusional': Israel rages after UNESCO describes Hebron as Palestinian heritage site)

If CNN can't go swimming in the mud, they really don't have a reason to get out of bed.  (theblaze:  CNN reporter gets caught tweeting deceptively edited, Trump-mocking video from Poland)

When feminism was hijacked for political purposes which had nothing to do with feminism, it was largely over.  It exists mostly in Code Pink now.  (Observer:  What’s the Problem With Feminism?)

Daylight Savings Time could actually matter in California due to the number of large-scale computer installations.  (East Bay Times:  Daylight Saving Time is here to stay in California)

Oil glut persists due to American fracking so how about a pop quiz on why America deliberately keeps oil prices low.  (RT:   Oil prices plunge nearly 3% as glut persists)

The first positive for some while regarding Syria so long as America keeps its word.  (RT:   US & Russia agree ceasefire in southwest Syria - Lavrov)

The Blame Bernie patriots are coming out to try to savage him in a revenge attack ostensibly due to his interference in Clinton's rightful election.  The short list from them now is who did NOT interfere in Clinton's election.  (Observer:  Bitter Clinton Supporters Try to Unseat Bernie Sanders in Senate Race)

Shooting a moon is now yet another sex crime.  (Penn Live:  Man accused of mooning female driver in road rage incident)

Tech is another way to suppress women, don'tcha know.  What I do know is we practically begged women to join systems but most wanted no part of it.  Those who did often became some of the stars of the field.  I worked high-end mainframes for thirty years.  (The Guardian:  Tech has become another way for men to oppress women)

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