Monday, July 3, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/4

If you're looking for an expensive vacation the Obamas didn't try yet, Colombia aims to please with every possible twisted motif.  (Irish Sun:  SUITE LOVE Inside the bizarre sex hotel Motel Kiss Me, where horny couples get passionate in themed rooms… from an arctic igloo to one based on Nazi Germany)

California Centrists are whining about the abuse after they torpedoed one-payer medical the same way Clinton did it in the election.  (Fox News:  California Dems decry 'bullying,' death threats from the left after shelving health bill)

Their first mistake was calling themselves Democrats and the second was lying about death threats.

Your life may suck but it probably doesn't suck like having your head stuck between two grave stones.  (Metro:  Grave mistake as fox gets its head stuck between two headstones)

Brits don't seem to like people too much lately but they really love animals and there was no way this would be allowed to continue after anyone knew about it.  The fox was freed without injury and returned to the wild.  How they did that without disturbing some century-old gravestones is left to the interested student.

Chris Christie went to the beach after he closed them to everyone else.  The people of NJ should show what July 4th is supposed to mean and go to the beach tomorrow anyway.  Fuck him.  (CNN:  Chris Christie's sunbathing pics clinch it: He's stopped caring)

Everyone should go to the beaches in New Jersey tomorrow.  If Chris Christie will call out the cops on the people on the Fourth of July, shame on him.  Gandhi's march to the sea was one of the finest non-violent protests ever.

Chris Christie didn't do much to himself since people loathe him anyway but he majorly screwed over the Republican candidate for Governor.  (Observer: Guadagno: Christie Beach Pics ‘Beyond Words’)

Good night, Irene.

Cartoons mocking Trump in Iran were inevitable.  (RT:  Iran holds ‘Trumpism’ cartoon contest mocking US president (PHOTOS))

Trump may go to England to try to re-affirm his dominance over Theresa May since that will do wonders to help her survive.  (The Guardian:  Protesters vow to take to streets as UK braces for snap Trump visit)

No matter what you say, you lose with this one.  (Daily Mail:  'People don't want to work with me because my boobs are too big': Emily Ratajkowski reveals the backlash against her 'too sexy' image)

Whoops, you clicked it.  Now that wasn't such a good idea, was it ... just another Tabloid Teaser.

You knew those placenta pills were a bad idea and, what do you know, they are.  (CNN:  Sick baby prompts concern over placenta pills)

Amazon just got a whole lot bigger in Dubai.  It's evolution in action, mates.  (  Dubai online retailer says sale to Amazon completed)

Stephen Hawking has started babbling again.  (RT:  Stephen Hawking: Trump’s climate policy could turn Earth into hothouse Venus)

Thanks, Steve-O, for repeating the greenhouse gas warnings America has been ignoring for years.

Russian plutocrats show Donald Trump is a penny-pinching skinflint who doesn't love his daughters.   (Daily Mail:  Oligarch splashes $10 million on his daughter's VERY lavish wedding including $500,000 worth of flowers and flying in Lady Gaga)

Tom Brady ought to start listening to his wife.  (The Guardian:  Tom Brady does not deny Gisele Bundchen's concussion claims)

The head won't tolerate too many whacks of that nature, mate.  It's probably time to call it a day.

If you didn't think the Age of Robos is coming, this should do it when they start extracting scorpion venom.  (Science Daily:  Milking it: A new robot to extract scorpion venom)

It seems there's a sound medical reason for doing it.

Here's a robo you may like since it's a guide robo for kids with difficulties with vision.  (  A robot to help visually impaired schoolchildren find their way)

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