Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Dream God Returns to Dream

The Dream God has now returned to the realm of Dreams. Silas left this realm yesterday afternoon. He is now one with the universe and we wish him well on his travels, whatever those may now be.

The impact Silas had on my life was significant. From an early age i remember looking up to Silas as this cool and mysterious uncle. I had no idea who he was in my early years or what it was that he did but he played guitar and sent me CDs so i was in. I still have Wind on the Waves and Blurb and they are some,of my most inportant posessions and memories. I remember I use to cruise down windy Tennessee backroads with the t-tops down listening to the music and getting lost.

I cant speak much to Silas' professional achievments tho I've heard they were impressive. In fact, i cant rightly even tell you what position he held. None of that was important to me. The man i knew was an inspiration to me, a confidant and a soundboard. I was priveleged enough to perform as an actor and dancer for his concert in Cincinnati and to get to spend time with him in studio. Those were dreams of mine that i was lucky enough to obtain, thanks to the Dream god Silas.

He loved alot, he had high hopes for the future. He said the more we talked and the more passionately I discussed ideas and theories he didnt even know I was aware of, the more hope he had. We discussed politics, Asimov, and various other theories and ideas. I loved those talks. In truth it is largely remembering those talks that has inspired not only the millenial discussions but also the philosophers society.

He was right, change is needed, we may not have always agreed on whay direction or the details of that change but its time for change. And, at least for my part, he helped inspire it.

The world seems a little darker at the moment because we have lost a great and loving man. But with any star, they seem dim and far away until a brilliant supernova illuminates it and sweeps through its vicinity, changing nearly everything they touch and even birthing brand new stars.

Silas can never be replaced. I miss him and I will always love him, ill never forget the things he taught me.

Safe Travels Dream god. Well see you down the road Silas.


Unknown said...

Through the black hole and exploding out the other side into glory. I will miss you Alan.


Laughing Gecko said...

Aloha Alan, this is for you my friend,


For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?
And what is it to stop breathing but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?
Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing,
And when you have reached the mountaintop, then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.

- Daevid Allen

Cadillac Man said...

It has been 48 years since I met Alan. We were fast friends having lots in common. One of Alan’s favorite musicians was Jimi Hendrix. Jimi said in Axis Bold as Love: “I’m the one who has to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.” This was Alan’s mantra and he sought to live his life accordingly. Dream big it might just happen. He turned his dream of being a musician into reality though he couldn’t read a note of music; neither could Jimi. He wanted to travel from Greece to Scotland (a distance of ca: 2000 miles) across Europe by scooter. He did so and wrote a book about it. He shared his dreams with me. We traveled to Upper Michigan for a ski trip in the dead of winter in his van with no heat. My first airplane ride at Alan’s suggestion ended in jumping out. Recently, I flew to Fort Worth to hang out with Alan one last time (this time I didn’t jump out). He was continuing to write his blog and including a day to day account of death by cancer. I told him it was courageous to make public something that was so personal. It will be difficult to live life without Alan. However, his blog lives on in the hands of Seraphim. His music lives too in my iPhone. So, I can always play, ‘It’s for You’. Only now it will be for him. Time flies by but we’ll fly farther. Larry (AKA Cadillac Man)

Anonymous said...

Condolences to the Fraser family and Alan's loved ones. Alan was one of a kind.
R.I.P Alan. Thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Alan and his talent, creativity, and humor will always be missed.

Anonymous said...

Hard to see the logic of his life while he was here, it makes perfect sense when he is gone. I will miss you my brother. Doc

Anonymous said...

On your birthday...sweetheart, friend, brother-
Remembering what a gift you were...and now you truly are "A Shining Star"
Never to be forgotten.
My love, I will see you again one day. Of that I am sure!
Love Always,
Mystery Lady

Anonymous said...

I went outside, felt a nice breeze, looked up at the Moon and Wished Alan a "Happy Birthday!"

Martina said...

Alan...the first of November will always be a special day to me...from now on. Hope you have a blast...wherever you are!
Your M├Ądchen M. <3

Anonymous said...

I have know Silas for a very very long time. He likes to play that way also
very very loud. I know that better than anyone else. As I went went hi. tl purchase a Peavy stack with two cabinets of 4 15"s That was very loud bit not for Silas the next week he returned that equipment for 2 Marshall Stacks 250 watts through 4 12"s
That was very very loud. It was pure Heaven for Silas. Even though Judge lived 4 houses from us, she could do nothing since noise laws had time restrictions in those days so until 10pm he could play very very loud.
That was an issue for me as I slept( or wanted to) in the room next to thise stacks.
Silas never cared

He liked to pretend he liked pyschedelics but he never did them well except mushrooms.
We used to talk about the jams in Heaven Jimi on lead Keith on drums Janice and Jim singing Oh yeah God played bass Everyone knows Gid has serious licks on bass.
My point of all this is that Silas loved music It was the only thing tjat mattered to him.
So now Silas is able to play like he always wanted to. And he is playing with his idols and he has become one.
So while he may have been short changrd in his first life.
He has ascended to levels he could only dream of previously.
So Silas Dream Big
It is now happening
The love you tried to foster in this life is now spreading beyond your dreams.

I rarely agreed with you on life But I never doubted your heart or conviction.
As Jimi said
Fly on my sweet angel Fly on through the sky

Gillian soper aka lindsay said...

I met Alan only for a short time.our grandma used to talk so highly of him!Its a great shame that we all have to be old people when i kinda get to know some of you!In the olden days America seemed so very far away !Nowadays of course it doesn't being so easy to fly to!
I feel so very sad for Alan and that he left us relatively young!I was also sorry to hear that he did not have enough pain relief!I dont know why that happened but it is really not right.I hate to think of him suffering like that.Now he is free and in life he was a free spirit!no he wasnt an angel but who is?We fell out but we made up !Alan had a brilliant sense of humour and was truly gifted .At least his recordings keep some immortality.love and peace to all

Anonymous said...

I only met Alan for a short while.Our grandma used to speak highly of him!It was a pleasure to know him.That been said he was no angel at times he could be brutal!Yes I fell out with him however we made up and kept in touch!I am glad that we had the maturity to do that,he was so very talented ,a clever guy !Life had been tough for him for a few years in comparison to his carefree life when he worked!
I was sorry to hear from Anne that he had pain before he left us,I dont know why that happened?It would not normally happen here but that been said it happened to my mother in a hospice but was very quickly rectified!He was a brave and strong man to go through that! I am glad that he is free now the world is a colder place without him.My thoughts go out to my cousins his siblings much love Gillian

Anonymous said...

You'll be OK...