Monday, July 10, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/11

Facebook doesn't do much about hate speech but it's hell on Lesbians.  (ABC:  Facebook community standards under scrutiny as out and proud 'dykes' banned)

CNN:  nothin' much

Republican governor of Nevada is asking for emergency legislation to ensure supply of medical reefer remains constant.  (RT:   Lack of weed prompts ‘state of emergency’ in Nevada)

Where can you buy comedy like that, mates?

The one hundred worst of the worst for fouling the Earth.  (RT:   100 companies produce 71% of global emissions - report)

If you can't run a witch hunt against anyone else, why not start beating on Jane Sanders.  (Fox:  Jane Sanders land deal: Federal probe reportedly seeking grand jury testimony)

Hillary Clinton is still trying to connive a gig in the White House.  (Observer:  Hillary Plots to Revive Clintonism in 2018 Elections)

Now I know you're feeling the joy joy of that one since it will be like binge-watching reruns of "Mister Ed the Talking Horse."

It doesn't look like the DNC is worth much to anyone anymore.  (Observer:  The DNC Is Debt Ridden, Unpopular and Failing)

It gets even more qualified as Chelsea Clinton speaks for the Unqualified Rich Girl party.   (RT:  Chelsea Clinton calls out Trump over defense of Ivanka’s G20 stand-in role)

After Chris Christie, who is next most ludicrous choice to talk about sports.  (Fox:  Chris Christie auditions for NY sports radio amid record low poll numbers)

It looks like Fox has joined the rest of the country and given up on Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.  Nothing much in evidence about health care.

What say we make the witch hunt about James Comey this time.  (RT:  Some Comey memos were classified, all were against FBI rules – report)

James Comey has needing an ass-bustin' as much or more than anyone else in Washington.  (The Guardian:  Trump follows Fox News in accusing James Comey of leaking classified memo)

When alligator and balls turn up in the same sentence, the result cannot possibly be good.  (ClickOrlando:  Gator attacks man diving for balls at Florida golf course)

Enjoy The Guardian's idea of sexual excitement.  (The Guardian:  Donald Trump Jr faces calls to testify before Senate over Russia meeting)

They don't care about Donald Trump Jr but they're licking their lips and thinking, man, we've got Dad now.  They have nothing and it's just another day of witch hunting.

Mark Zuckerberg keeps trying to sound Presidential but he's at least got something different this time.  (The Guardian:  Mark Zuckerberg’s got some cheek, advocating a universal basic income)

Pro tip:  he might be more convincing if he didn't look like a high school volleyball coach.

Here, just for you, the most insufferable weeper of a story from New York ever.  (New York:  The Uninhabitable Earth)

We are fucked; the whole planet is fucked; everything is just fucking fucked ... in as many words as you can possibly take to tell it.

When the son of Monkey Head Doctor speaks, well, we're guessing people run for their lives.  (Star Beacon:  Son of 'monkey head doctor' pleads guilty to forgery)

Note:  some headlines just can't be ignored.

Further evidence the Universe is turning upside-down.  (Urban Eye:  Utah restaurant wins lobster roll title during event marred by violent thunderstorms)

The funny part, see, is the contest was at the Downeaast Lobster Festival ... in Maine.

Note:  why it's Downeast in the most northern part of the East coast is a New England thing ... no-one understands.

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