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Facebook Can Legally Track You Anywhere And You'll Love the Reason #Law #Justice

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Users who complained about Facebook tracking them across third-party websites should have done more to keep their browsing histories private, a federal judge in California has ruled, dismissing a privacy complaint against the social media giant.

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Now that's just perfect.  Blame Facebook's bad behavior on the people Facebook ripped off.

In a decision issued late on Friday, US District Judge Edward Davila rejected the plaintiffs’ claims that Facebook violated federal and California privacy and wiretapping laws by tracking the sites they visited via cookies, saying they failed to show a reasonable expectation of privacy or any “realistic” economic harm.

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There's a Facebook tracker on my Web site right now just as is true for every Web site a Facebook user ever touched.  We the People are paying for those Web sites and Facebook is stealing services from them.  That's real economic loss experienced on millions of servers around the world.  There's a valid case for a class action lawsuit on that basis.

Facebook does not give anyone with a Facebook account the option to disable planting those radioactive eggs all over the place and it happens even if you're not logged onto Facebook.  In a biological context, that would be called metastasizing.  Those eggs infect others who visit your site and so it spreads.  No wonder the government wanted in on that.  Coming up with that method of global infection was the only real genius that sick monkey, Zuckerberg, ever showed.

Ed:  this bit isn't too beautiful and I didn't much fancy the Obedience Day either.  (Ithaka:  July the Fourth, Obedience Day in America #Political #Peace)

Beauty is real freedom, mate.  The Rockhouse will neither apologize nor retract a word.  When we see real freedom, nowhere will sing it louder than the Rockhouse.

Facebook could be beautiful; it could provide the services it claims ... but ... it could do it without the behavior modification in terms of filtered news, puritanical editorial viewpoints justified by some tenuous claim of protecting children, etc.  There is beauty in community and it's one of the things humans do best but Facebook has perverted that into a shallow mockery of any real community.

Note:  I don't think I've ever seen a kid online although they must be relatively young on Twitter since there are some aggressively uneducated thunder monkeys running around that place.  There are also others who are consistently more insightful than any you're likely to find on Facebook.  It's a most unusual situation since it seems Twitter got each end of the Bell curve and Facebook got the middle.

A somewhat-related observation:  it was funny earlier since I didn't know how it would go if men were regarded as beautiful when they oiled themselves up for some Greek wrestling.  Yep, that one tanked (larfs).  (Ithaka:  #Photography for the Beautiful 7/4)

Ed:  can we expect a flogging for sexual immaturity?

No need since we do that all our lives, mate.  I do see great comedy in that since you'd think if we could get anything right then it would be fucking but negatory on that and we're more fucked up about that than anything else.

Ed:  oh, so it's flogging the church for causing it then?

Nah but you know as well as I it has a piece of it.  In the main, it appears there's an almost unlimited number of ways to get bad advice about sex.  We're really good at doing that.

Ed:  Facebook is one of them?

Right you are and thanks for looping us back up to the top.

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