Saturday, July 15, 2017

You're Saying You Fucked Up Her Wedding Day? #Business #Economy #AlfredoAngelo

Perhaps you're not the type of woman who is interested in marriage but you know many are and how much more cynical is it possible to get in trashing her wedding day.  How much more evil is it to do that to hundreds or thousands at once.

Introducing Alfredo Angelo.

Nice dress and too bad you're never going to get it.  Alfred Angelo

Update:  Richard Anders is/was CEO for Alfred Angelo and you may wish to ensure he can never get a job even selling hot dogs from a sidewalk stand after this.

Alfred Angelo, a Florida-based bridal shop, has apparently shut down without telling its customers. The move has incensed brides-to-be across the country -- many of whom have already put down hundreds of dollars in deposits for wedding and bridesmaid dresses.

Brides from Virginia to California took to social media to vent their frustrations. In Washington state, the unexpected closure of a store near Seattle prompted a police response to control the crowd.

CNN:  Brides panic as Alfred Angelo stores close across the country

The article contains a litany of horror stories from young women who are devastated because they have no money to get another dress somewhere else.  As to how many were ripped off, it looks like it might have been quite a few.

Alfred Angelo's bridal wear is sold at more than 2,500 stores around the world and at 60 Alfred Angelo signature stores in the U.S. The company has not posted any information about the store closures on its website or official social media accounts, and it hasn't responded to requests from CNNMoney for comment.


Alfredo Angelo didn't even give them a courtesy warning shot.  (USA Today:  Alfred Angelo closes, files for bankruptcy, panicking brides)

Store managers were not alerted to the closure, according to the Wall Street Journal, and many stores were locked up for the last time on Thursday with no advance warning to customers or employees.


They even sucker punched their own people.

How much money do suppose any of the executives at Alredo Angelo lost after manifesting such egregious incompetence.

One woman mentioned putting down a deposit of $800-$900 for her dress and when she spends that much you know her family can't afford the kind of wedding in which they will fly in the entertainment via helicopter.  She's busted and may not have a recovery without incurring more debt than she may be able to handle.

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