Saturday, July 15, 2017

Marisa Kendall and Classic Journalistic Mediocrity #Feminism #SiliconValley

It started with a few women speaking up, reporting a suggestive text message, an invitation to a hotel room, an unwanted touch under a table.

Soon more women came forward. Allegations of sexual harassment multiplied, sweeping through Silicon Valley like a powerful storm that in a few short weeks has cost multiple high-level tech investors and CEOs their jobs, and shaken the industry to its core.

The allegations from more than a dozen women are a harsh wake-up call to the harassment and sexism still apparently ubiquitous in the world's capital of innovation and progress.  Silicon Valley reeling in wake of sexual harassment storm

Kee-rist, Marissa Kendall writes like she's promoting the circus.  The first sentence gives that hushed intro before the show.  The second paragraph features prose so rubbishy maybe even Jessica Valenti wouldn't write it and the third takes the dive into hopeless oblivion.

Swept like a powerful storm?

A few short weeks?

Shaken the industry to the core?

More than a dozen women?

A harsh wake-up call?

You could shake prose like that out of a fucking bubblegum machine and still get the candy.  We  need to get the thumb vises for whomever calls himself/herself an editor at her paper, The Mercury News.

The Rockhouse experience is thirty years in high tech mainframe systems where we were practically begging women to be part of it if for no other reason than it would make us all look better on the damn diversity reports. They wanted no part of it and specifically because it was too hard with shitty hours, both true.

The women who did come often excelled, some becoming legends.  None of them had anything in particular to say about feminism; they were too busy getting it done to be somebody.

There was the Mighty Sue in New England and she could wither a systems programmer with two words:  shallow install.

In those two words, you're advised you are a worthless miscreant who never should have been born, much less ever have touched a computer, and your lack of review of the consequences of a software installation broke the system, the worst crime a systems programmer can commit.

She probably still is a legend in New England.  There are others but she was regionally famous.

Note:  I did not meet the Mighty Sue but her legend was everywhere and I was advised by those who knew her ... and still feared her (larfs).

Conversely, Ms Kendall has a dozen or so cases of women who report sexual harassment and that's sufficient to indict the entire industry which possibly makes sense in California but not likely anywhere else.

Ed:  more than a dozen!

One more?  A thousand more?  Like I said ... a dozen or so.

Here's the punchline:

To fix the problem, Silicon Valley needs more female investors, said Aileen Lee, who founded Cowboy Ventures after leaving Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in 2012.

"We have to figure out how to double the number of women partners at VC firms from 5 percent to 10 percent," she said. "That means a lot more women have to enter the industry, and 50 to 100 more women have to become general partner level - that's sadly not a thing that can happen overnight."

- PO

There's the We Have To bit and this one is comical since female investors can freely put their money into Silicon Valley but have not apparently chosen to do that.

It's not clear who Ms Kendall wants to flog since we started out with the evil computer industry and wound up with the evil venture capital industry.

That the financial industry is owned by Old White Men is hardly news but it doesn't have a whole lot to do with Silicon Valley since that lot will never amount to more than amateurs relative to the financial tycoons for sexual harassment / repression.

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