Thursday, July 20, 2017

When the Ganja Becomes the Problem

There's been the suspicion for some while regarding an allergic reaction to the ganja and that replete with some measure of internal bitching about why it should manifest itself as this stage in life.

In the preparation of the Old School Spliff, the process was demonstrated for rolling spliffs which contain a mixture of tobacco and ganja.  There was a video of that glorious event but the process evolved past that and the spliffs include filters now.

It was probably apparent from that the Rockhouse was trying to solve a problem and it couldn't be anything but the ganja now.  The mystery is why.

Yogi:  why is a word for pundits so they can ask pointless rhetorical questions and get paid in six figures for posing them

Why doesn't matter but the phenomenon exists so that leads for options to deal with it.  Cigarettes don't typically cause coughing or other furious symptoms.  However, adding a small portion of ganja to that mix can definitely do that.

In the Old School Spliff, 100mm Zig Zags are used along with a Tip Top filter plus all the tobacco from a standard King-size cigarette (i.e. not a 100).  That populates the roll well and a layer of ganja is put on top of that so the final mix should be about 4:1 for tobacco:ganja.

Note:  this is not dirt weed but high-test smoke ground from buds.

The Old School Spliff is smoked normally like a cigarette rather than with the high drama of Cheech & Chong movies.

In other words, other than sprinkling holy water on it, there's nothing I can see which will further reduce the impact of the ganja smoke.  It has definitely been reduced but still some irritation exists and that's the problem to solve.

Note:  normally is stretched since there's nothing normal about smoking anything.

The obvious tip is to stop smoking the ganja but that can't happen due to important psychological benefits which are required for the peace and well-being of Silas.  That may not be an acceptable view of things to some but that's ok and it goes to Jimi Hendrix after that.

All together now with the chorus and I know you know it ...

I'm the one to die when it's time for me to die so let me live my life the way I want to - Jimi Hendrix

Note to parental units:  before you send the attack helicopters, the Rockhouse is a ZCA zone which means Zero Children Admitted.  It's not just that there are no kids here, there are never kids here.  That's not a lament since their squeaky voices are so damn annoying ... plus they smell ... awful.

Another possible compromise is with medical marijuana except it isn't fucking legal in this backwater State of Texas.  Regardless, I'm not interested in CBD for whatever medical benefit may exist since my smoking of ganja isn't for pain relief or anything of that nature.  Moreover, removal of the THC probably kills all or most of the transcendental aspect and that's not expendable.  It's likely various types of recreational reefer products exist which can be consumed without smoking but they're also not legal in this feudalist cowboy hellhole.

Therefore the remaining answer is still the same one:  improvise.

Trying to rig up some kit for reducing the ganja to any type of concentrate would likely go the way meth labs follow.

Yogi:  they expode?

That's right, Yogi.

Since I'm unlike meth lab operators and I still have all my fingers and most of my mental faculties, any conversion / concentrator type of kit would likely work just fine but it's unnatural.  Smoking anything is obviously unnatural but the thing being burned is the actual bud.  Nothing ever screwed with it in any way.

Yogi:   it comes directly from the Great God Mescalito

Yes, it does, Yogi.

People talk about organic food all the time but there's no way to stop blow over pesticides from other crops in other fields.  However, the home-grown ganja is almost always raised in a closed environment and possibly has never experienced any kind of pesticide.  Call it about 50/50 on the home-grown coming from a zero pesticide grow environment.

That leads to the Disneyland since also obvious is why don't you stop smoking anything and the Regulars know the standard cop is it's been tried multiple times.  However, the Disneyland is what if that did happen and my lungs get a chance to fix themselves.  My body has been exceptionally good at fixing itself since the left arm was practically busted clean off in the biggest crash but I was playing the Galaxy Guitar a couple of days ago.

In the context of a promise not to abandon, that approach becomes a near obligation but those are ugly and no-one likes them.  The reason for writing it is to show, ganja or no, the perspective is clear and I'm definitely hammered at this moment (larfs).

Whether it's possible to achieve remains to be seen and whether I should is at question because of quality of life matters.

Ed:  you can't count on your body still being able to fix itself like it did in earlier days

True but it's foolhardy to believe it's powerless.

Note about a seeming miracle cure on my arm:  it's near miraculous that I can play again and all the more so when the range of motion for the arm is still severely restricted.  It's difficult in bathing because I can't well reach the right side of my body.  However, if'n I'm choosing between taking a bath and playing the Galaxy Guitar, save the towel and tune up the axe.

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