Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rating the American Economy with Nontraditional Markers #Anthropology

The relative judgment regarding the aesthetics of a large backside differ across economic strata insofar as the wealthy appreciate a slim and svelte backside whereas those who are financially challenged often prefer Gluteus Gigantimus.  That leads to tracking the state of the economy by monitoring Kim Kardashian's backside since it's grown relatively to the size of an SUV on a compact car body.

Note:  there is no current citation since this refers to something from first or second year Anthropology at uni.  We don't invent facts; we're not MSM pundits.

Ed:  that's not it as people just like her boobs

No way, mate.  You can get big boobs in L.A. in a drive-through and get your car washed at the same time.  From then on, people won't say they like your boobs but may ask how much they cost.

We're quite sure you have no burning need to understand why rich people prefer a skinny backside and poor people prefer more ample proportion but the phenomenon exists and we're absolutely sure we do not have any need to understand why.  However, the phenomenon is live and there's only one other time in my life when I recall fat-bottomed girls even being recognized at all.

Today, however, there's one fat-bottomed girl who, at least in her fancy, is an international celebrity and there are many who revere her for, well, whatever she may actually do besides shopping.  The crazed adulation for the woman is a clear indicator of widespread financial challenge in America.

At any other of the modern times in America, Kardashian would have been dismissed as a bowling ball and the acceptance of her today as some kind of beauty gives an indication of how far the economy has collapsed.  Kardashian may be wealthy but it's extremely unlikely she has any wealthy fans.

Another unusual measure of the American economy comes in the height of a woman's skirt.  A serious correlation was worked up to show the relationship between various measures on Wall Street to the length of a woman's skirt.  The Sixties times were resplendent with miniskirts so short they did little to preserve a maiden's modesty but, wtf, people weren't much interested in modesty in the Sixties .... and it was so much better.

However, today we frequently see women wearing longer dresses or gowns and a miniskirt on Kim Kardashian wouldn't confirm her as a bowling ball but she would easily look like one of the pins.

Regrettably, this tidbit was from the early years of Anthropology at uni so I do not have a citation.

To complete the trifecta in anthropological strangeness, we have the phenomenon of steatopygia and this is from the early years as well but it's so unusual that the name stuck.  Steatopygia is the relative protuberance of a woman's backside and the unusual aspect is it's a physical trait in humans which varies by location.  For the interested student, that's called a clinal gradation but the physical manifestation of it is a backside so extended one's baby can easily sit on it.

Note:  I was going to add a photograph but the ones I saw were either of poor quality or were openly disrespectful.

To my knowledge, the distribution of steatopygia is across Africa and not so much elsewhere but that requires validation.  That can lead to racist rot but we're not interested; it's simply a phenomenon observed in Africa which more research may reveal as more widespread.

The aesthetic is the novel part since races which do not manifest any form of steatopygia will look skinny to races which do.  Conversely, anyone with a more impressive gluteus will likely be regarded as a fat-bottomed girl by those who show no steatopygia.

Ed:  so what's the answer?

There's no question, mate.  It's the human condition and it takes many forms.

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