Thursday, July 20, 2017

Donald Trump Dumps the CIA in Syria #RegimeChange #Socialism

Disclaimer: there is no objective to bash Trump in the article and the best you'll get is right here.  He does many stupid things but this isn't one of them.

Donald Trump with national security adviser HR McMaster, who helped make the decision.

Photograph: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

Donald Trump has decided to halt the CIA’s covert programme to equip and train moderate rebels fighting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, in a move likely to be welcomed by Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

The CIA programme began in 2013 as part of Barack Obama’s support for the overthrow of Assad but met with little success, two officials told Reuters. Some armed and trained rebels defected to Islamic State and other radical groups.

The Guardian:  Donald Trump drops Syria programme 'in bid to improve Russia ties'

There's no objective to bash Donald Trump for a move the Rockhouse regards as common sense but we're pleased to observe what Mister Nobel Peace Prize was doing.  He couldn't have kowtowed more to the CIA if he took them chocolates and flowers.

The specific policy of regime change is one of the most despicable things the United States has inflicted on other sovereign nations and inevitably to the downfall of all of them.  Chile, arguably, did not but instead of collapse they got Pinochet's Reign of Terror instead after the CIA-sponsored assassination of Salvador Allende.

The blind arrogance of the position is alone despicable but it's also been woefully ineffective or outright catastrophic, at least wherever it was inflicted and sometimes much wider.  The problem with immigrants in the EU is almost all attributable to the chaos wreaked in the Middle East and for what.

The parallel situations are first in North Korea where America has no right to dominate but definitely has the right to say, "Hey, asshole.  Wanna lighten up on the nukes.  We can make some deals and build some cars 'n shit.  It'll be great."

Businessmen do that, right?  Democratizing a nation doesn't do anything because you can still get militaristic thugs running a country (e.g. Israel) but, when you turn the people into little capitalists, they usually stop shooting each other since they're all too willing to start riding that gravy train themselves.

That principle worked just fine with China since they've shown they don't want a war no matter how much America tries to provoke one.  It goes the same with Russia until it finally comes back to the conclusion America is the only place looking for a war.

The basis for the policy of regime change is typically to depose Left wing or Left-leaning governments to replace them with puppets more concordant to the conservative, militaristic way.  That traces back to a self-imposed sacred duty to stop the spread of Communism.

Communism had its glory day with Stalin and WWII but that was far back and Russia is its own form of Democratic Socialism today.  That bollixes those who would use the words of Papa Marx in vain since conservatives sometimes like to nod wisely after quoting Marx, "Democracy leads to Socialism and Socialism leads to Communism."

However, as we have seen in the Soviet Union and now Russia, Socialism led to Communism and then to Democratic Socialism so the Marxian paradigm has been extended beyond his vision.

It really is a brave new world and now without any clear precedent but we do know one thing:  it won't belong to bullies or at least not for long.

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